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Often enough. I don't think you've ever told me that Richard. It's not true. That's why thank you. And that makes more sense. I was I was bad. Sometimes you show up. Sometimes you don't I'm always year. I have no idea what you're talking about. You got some story made up in your. No, no, it's cool because you have a business in town. It is a travel business. It is called a bone Labone voyage. And it is where it has been in the same location for thirty two years Guadalupe station, three twenty eight south Guadalupe street. It's right next door the old Zia diner used to be correct. And you haven't had it for that long. How long have you owned it? I've owned it for two and a half years. Okay. And already decided to expand. And so you'll have to stores now. Lebron voyage to will be though, it's dull. Yes, exactly. It'd be opening on Thursday at the Varga center or excited right next door to Starbucks. So you go in the same kind of between, Starbucks and Santa Fe. Was a diner. But I could be wrong grill grill grill, barring that's right. So those doorways those doorways right in there right in there and straight ahead and to your left this year left right next to it. It was part of what was going to be a Starbucks expansion at one point. I didn't know across across from the clip job, the rock, paper, scissors. I just got my haircut there. Can you see this happen? I I know they did a great job should do your beard too. You know, and that's coming up next the girl that did it said she goes, I really liked beards. I don't leave it. It's fine. Okay. All right. So across from that. Yeah. Right across all, right. It was just a wall. And now there's a glass and metal. And it's coming together. That opens on on Tuesday or Thursday Thursday. Correct. All you're going to have grand opening. You know, we're in. We will we will not not this week. This was kind of put together spur of the moment of the last few weeks. I've been looking at a second located adding a second location somewhere with a little more traffic than than we've got Guadalupe station. Okay. You know, that it sort of just came to fell into my lap on. Really it. Didn't I Katie FitzGerald that runs the the mall of the other runs DeMarcus is she's a Saint, and she is just done a wonderful job over there in she made contact using. I got a storefront. No, your name all of I contacted her and said, hey, if you if anything comes up, it looks like a nice location smaller than what we've got right now. Please let me know. I'd be very interested. She goes you called on the right day. A really, and let's make a deal. Let's make a deal. So we did in two and a half weeks later, we're opening up, and you're going to carry what you're going to carry the entire line that you have in store. So everything will still be available that we carry obviously at one way or the other. We could get it to you. But this is going to be obviously, we don't have the same amount of space. So I'm not gonna fill it up with as much of the large luggage. The that. We've always had that we do. Currently have it the original Lamont way. I show. What do you have in the original bone VR? Joel we have got. So many different items for travel that are so necessary. And we've got what is hot hard cases hard cases are very popular right now, the hardshell cases are super popular. They're very trendy because they're colorful or because they protect your stuff better. I'm gonna go with both on that, Richard. That's what I'm gonna do. I I would say they are they all curl in pink or purple or. Oh, yeah. Silver, bright red. That's fine. Now, they've got they've got a ton of different ones out, and they have become the the more trendy. And of course, everything's got to be a spinner. Now, you've got to have four wheels instead of two, okay? That's the thing. If you didn't see now, we're now we're doing this. And it's it really is helpful to think about your walking onto a plane. So you've got to carry on bag opposed to pulling it behind you. And it not fitting down the aisle pushing. In you and just been pushed it that way. So it gives you all wheel drive options. All right. The actual cases empty the heart case art showcases cases, empty are. They really light. Some are some different some are designed to be the lightest type of bag that you could have some kind of a carbon composite. It is most of them. Are they make him from anything out of some of them are aluminum, some of them are different carbon plast I'd type designs right, but light, but tough tough ready to approve man. Well, you know department is the guys at the airport. I think they've got a game. They try out there. If you ever watch out of your window. They see who can throw your bag the furthest. So. They've got to be tough these days, especially most everything we sell has a lifetime guarantee on them though. And you have any out of the stainless steel. I do not have any stainless steel ones. Unfortunately, not yet. Eight hundred and thirty pounds empty empty. You you won't get on a plane with it. But, you know, get your superhero, it'll it'll be fun to walk around and look at all right? So you got the luggage whilst. Yeah. Everything from travel bags anti-theft. I'm going to tell you the last time on your show. We talked about RFID we did. And how important it is to protect your your credit card. You're all everything has a chip in. And now, you gotta keep that sucker conceal you do because it's all scandal. Right. So, you know, one of the big features is almost every line of handbag, wallet, etc. His all come out with an RFID version. A lot of people travel. You know, we have a ton of international travelers out of Santa Fe, and they come in. And not only do they need help on. What adapters do I take somewhere? It's okay. Are you going to Barcelona? Okay. Well, you know, the last six months they've had they've been exceptionally high with pickpocketing with people coming by and trying to cut the string on your on your purse. So we've got these persons that have a metal insert into it. So that you can't combine snap him anymore. They've got these little locks, but they still look the same as the person's you want to buy that you would travel anywhere with us daily fill stylish still stylish just it's got a little extra for yourself or keep your stuff is your stuff. Keep it. Exactly. Don't let anybody take it. All right. So those are all that stuff is popular, and you have a full range of also of adapters to plug in your phone, and all that kind of stuff absolutely organizational tools for people where they're going, and whether you know. Because the phone plug is, you know, is not universally should be. But it's not not no. Nope. So you come in. And you know, we've we've been all of them for all the different countries everywhere, you're gonna go. All right. And so you'll have nicest Orman at the new store, absolutely. Liberal boy, I'll do exactly next to Starbucks right next door to Starbucks. All right. A why now why now white I guess because she had it available in. She wanted to get rid of in media deal. But going into the holidays that factor into it. In fact, you know, I'm busy. We're all busy. Can I staff it up, which is also a big issue in Santa Fe? I was I was blessed with an a former employees that had left and gone off to school in Hawaii. It all at the same time. She had come back and said she popped in the store one day and said, hey, I'm I'm moving back in a month. And I said, oh, great sorry, obviously filled your job, but, you know, stay in touch and two weeks later, I had this deal on the new place, and I called her. I said are you still coming back to town and she is at the store right now. So we're excited. She'll be the manager of that location of exactly right. So that it's still family business to my mom's involved. She's she's a nurse. She's handles the books. She.

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