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Indiana eighty nine eighty six win over Marian Wright. So how about Evan Maxwell Jim hits the three scores thirty nine and scores. His one thousand one thousand point in that first half. That's a that's a great day for anybody. Pretty good day. And the best part was we had him on our star of the game. After the game here. He's played high school ball. He played at liberty. That's the team that probably cost Tiv Alpert his job at UCLA when they went in and beat Bruins this year. He played for a while at Kansas. And now he's played his last two years. I helped lead to Castro national title last year. And I said. Have you ever hit a shot any shot show? Layup free throw anything at the buzzer. First time in his career. How about that? Right now. Well, I think what he's thinking is. He's got a good basketball team. He knew that this league was extremely competitive and looking forward to the time when he gets to play the Wildcats down in Indianapolis, and you'll love this, you know, lasting Nashville. So to be on the air. I can't wait for senior day in Indianapolis. The game of the year. Now about that for a double. I tell you this about five guys they're in the warm ups. Right. And they all had their their, you know, their warm up gear on not dressing. I looked at. I said there were those five guys who said that's that's a Marian next year look out below. So he knew he was going to get out and get some recruiting down. So don't don't think you're gonna hold Marian. Wisconsin Eddie too long. Marian in Indiana Wesleyan in a classic today. Indiana, Wesleyan eighty nine eighty six at the foreign Jim Brenner, the hall of fame broadcaster voice of Indiana Wesleyan from WBZ in Marion on the Saint Vincent sports performance online. Jim is always thanks so much for your time. Have a great weekend. Yeah. And one more thing nights next time, you see co-starring to go. Have you diagram that play for you on a piece of paper? Alright. I'll do that. Take care Bye-bye college basketball. Thanks so much college basketball today, North Carolina State, seventy seven seventy three Irish one. Oh, one doctor Lynn Clark joins me on the Saint Vincent sports performance. Hotline. Lynn a another one of those play hard play well close but find a tough loss for the Irish today. Hi, bob. Yeah. The Saturday could be described as the good the bad and the ugly the good John Rooney nineteen points freshman deigned Goodwin. Knight points, seventeen into those coming in the second half. Also the bad Notre Dame losers. Second straight ACC game. They dropped to one of the conference didn't shoot the ball very effectively and then the ugly. It was ugly time getting to the stadium today. Yeah. How bad was it? Because it's it's bad down here now, but it wasn't bad at the time that game started. Well, they didn't get the plows out in south bend. And so was. Tired are getting smart. They're going to say, we'll wait for the snow to get pissed at one time. They can pass you get the roads. So pretty good crowd. Yeah. How did that work out? Notre Dame smattering of all of them just keeping them again. Right. And once again, they kept North Carolina State up faultline kind of work to their detriment is a hat to get North Carolina State to the free throw light in the ball game to get the ball. Right. But right now, Mike breys sketching, the setting says, you know, what what players to shoot the ball, but we need to be more effective than shooting and a little bit of concern right now with your want Durham, he once again had that for my ankle, and they have no time line as to when he will return. And so they had to do today is to get a freshman by the name of Chris Daugherty off the bench. She loses his red shirt season. Have you seen action all year vicarious seven players on the bench and everybody saw action today? Can you hang on to the scoreboard update? Sure. Can through the through the short break. All right. Lynn hang on. We'll come back with Dr Larry Clark Irish one on one. You can see that just go to our Facebook page or go to his Facebook page to Irish one on one. Notre Dame loses to North Carolina State, seventy seven seventy three will come back talk. More basketball on network, Indiana's, Indiana, sports stuff. When you walk into the boardrooms of the most successful companies here in Indiana, who do you meet men.

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