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To overturn the presidential election results. Congress will be meeting Wednesday to count and confirm each state's electoral votes. But a group of Republicans want to challenge them. Representative Berry Loudermilk joined your world with Neil Cavuto to discuss why he supports fighting President Trump's loss in the presidential election. This is about the rule of law. This is about fair elections, and I do not have confidence that the Georgia electors truly represent the voters of Georgia and how they voted. There was just too many unanswered against And instances of in allegations of fraud for us to go forward with this senator's Joss Holly and Ted Cruz are spearheading the effort to challenge the results and have called for a commission to investigate alleged voter front. The president is in Georgia and Dalton. I holding a rally tonight we will be carrying his remarks starting at eight o'clock. You're on WB. AP The Dallas Public Safety Committee plans to discuss the suggested change and how low level crimes reported that's after a premature release of a memo. The memo sent to 911 dispatchers indicated DPD will require low level crimes like car break ins to be reported through an online portal opposed to 911 Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach. Gates says the suggestions will be discussed during next week's committee meeting. Our chance have feed bag and I think a better understand I mean of what this really means. Gates doesn't know why the memo was sent prematurely but suggests the recommendations could benefit patrol officers by allowing them more time on the street. Clayton Nevil, WB AP News Snort Texans eligible for the covert 19 vaccine includes anyone 65 older or those with underlying health risks, but you need to have patience. A lot of people are lining up this week. Outside Tarrant County Resource connection to get their shots registrations required before you go now, you can get that information at WB ap dot com. Texas business closing numbers on Wall Street. The Dow off 3 83 NASDAQ was down by 1 90 that the closing bell, the S and P 500 was off by 55. Right now it is 55 degrees at the DFW airport. From the W B A P News desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. Your next update at 7 30 24 7 coverage and W b a.

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