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Of percent one of six twenty seven I'm looking across commodities goals down to four tenths of percent oil studies is a mixed signals coming through in these markets were still digesting what that moving U. S. bull markets means from here that should be by business slash he is the on Karen's with what's going on around the world thank you south Korean president means a in house X. Japan to come back to the table for troops on cooperation he was speaking at an event to celebrate Kerry is seventy four PM open dependence from Japanese colonial rule me instead career is responding but surely to current tensions with Japan and that he hopes the solution can be found labor MPs have criticized the home of the scheme to send out take away chicken boxes featuring warnings about caring and nice more than three hundred thousand will replace standard packaging at all three major retailers but shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said the idea was crude and offensive and Tottenham MP David Lammy called it a home full gimmick and finally always top of young people believe they will one day have a job that doesn't currently exist they reckon technology is advancing so rapidly that they don't have the skills to future proof that Kerry is not official intelligence virtual reality and robotics thought to be some of the key jobs of the future Lebanese twenty four hours a day on there and it took took on Twitter by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred and twenty countries I'm young parents this is Bloomberg road test Leon thanks and have a person never replace presenters will print books no never because they like the chat anyway let's let's talk about what's been going on in the global economy in the last few hours does seem to be quite a wild ride it's what I think we were cooling at one point bones negating here only.

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