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At this point in our story and his programmer where two of the handful of people including the guys it be of 'em. And a select few other computer professionals aware that there was now very revival spreading all over the country fail took this dire situation as an opportunity realizing there was now a market for an entirely new software product, something that could get rid of this self replicating program knowing that the window of opportunity to be the first market would close soon. Offer programmer got down and dirty conceiving and building software to counter the virus. But it got more complicated. They'd have to come up with a program that could beat not just this program, but any future variants and durations of this software. So the two men design the software that would scan computer to locate fires infected by the virus. Date seen as well as any similar enough virus that may come in the future. With the code ready. All they had to do was give the new product a name because the word virus wasn't widely used to describe computer programs in nineteen eighty seven. They couldn't just call the program. You know, antivirus figured however that people did know about the biological aids. Virus clearly off wasn't as talented marketer. As he was a programmer when he released his brand new product to the market.

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