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On mask template employees and customers when they're shopping for necessities are you go back to Massachusetts if you're that scared he added I mean I I hear like Massachusetts has had it worse in New England but not even by that much in like new York level interesting I'm just looking here at ballotpedia but the competitor that you mention to this guy that wrote the story he's not on the list anymore really yeah various doesn't now that may that may be because ballotpedia did send out notices to all of their candidates saying that they had to have some kind of I forget what it was it was some sort of requirement that they put on I remember what it was they had to have like some sort of fund raising number from the state of Texas secretary of state's office so nobody are co host who is running against Sununu for the the primary in the the the gubernatorial election here he did get that number so his name is listed as the only challenger to Sununu for the Republican primary but this guy will answer is the only guy listed for the Democrats I wonder if it's because we're consolidating behind him I don't know the last time they had like three or something democratic candidates so they didn't consolidate the last time yeah I was a guy with a train ride was like van horn so he is a guy wanted to or not memorable video of it true true especially to even for New Hampshire a politician standards are not memorable service to the university of Washington model just increase its projections for New Hampshire covert deaths seven states have now requirement yeah you know why can't how bout you get like a New Hampshire university or at least Quinnipiac which is closer to do something for two polling not not pulling its a projections seven states have now required masks for customers and workers and businesses including Maryland which is led by Republican governor Larry Hogan this is the you know it it's still terror anyway if you have a right he's trying to appeal to partisan this is bipartisan Tierney it's okay it's okay when both the parties to it when he immediately follows up by saying this isn't a partisan issue localities in red blue and purple states alike are increasingly requiring customers to wear masks it is a bandwagon ing yeah he's saying Sununu hasn't gone far enough as we see here as governor I would not hesitate to require been masks to be worn by businesses that wish to open so not by everyone right just by businesses that wish to remain open retail workers are being asked to endanger their lives so much shopping mall reopened I don't agree with this decision but the least we could do is make the retail stores as safe as possible it's also the state's responsibility to make sure masks are freely available at the point of entry for a chicken in every pot and a mask in every right if customers for Garber masks we should help them the review if they refuse to wear a mask they should be refused entry meanwhile ratted we should implement flexible scheduling and all of our work places to improve social distancing fine okay that wasn't a threatening what does it mean flexes electable scheduling so I guess like instead of everyone working like nine to five yes some people work from like nine to noon and how does that help social distancing because less people are in the building at the same time I have I I have family who work in office buildings and they save at all like half currently like it for re opening like half of the employees are allowed to work from home and then the other half are allowed to come into the office which sort of works out because the half that go into the office actually want to be in the office over half it stays at home in N. works from home right very very very want to work from home or you're probably good at it right for not getting fired so he finishes up saying fire and you you know this is a great orator when he ends his essay with finally finally it is time for governor to speak out against but reopen NH rallies so it's on us to work out we've been there while responsible citizens are social distancing and wearing masks the so I guess curator responsible yeah Keane's a responsible vis protests other teen politicians are all wearing masks or not the police but police aren't which it actually warms my heart a little bit to see the cops walking around masks on well you know if I have to check out I was gonna say if they have to chase someone it it it decreases our breathing but once it was when I was when was the last time you saw a cop get out of her car and get to go on foot patrol or chase someone Daniel waited not knowing the people and T. C. ng team I did actually I saw I need to get another car but they they did chase a college student one year he was S. faced drunk and they were trying to get into like stopping consent to a search of the kid booked it and I did see a cop chased after him and tackle and all I was going to say usually with college students we immediately the median strip themselves of a police is now this guy was drunk and he was going to he was going to run well that's what I called liquid courage so got taken down by like the scrawny **** cop like this this guy looks like me how in the world that he generally was the only one who had the lead capacity right wasn't too fast see here so you know he's he's required he wants a new to speak out against reopen NH rallies while responsible citizens are social distancing and wearing masks these protesters some of whom are reportedly paid all right all right we're we're we're yeah where's our checks flout all community norms right because you're going out wearing a mask in broad daylight you know staying inside when the sun is out yet but that's normal right as we're world yeah moreover weird ones how would these protesters have reacted when asked to plant liberty gardens from a war effort well that was back before is the legal to collect rainwater in some places so I'm sure we would all guidelines that's illegal here that's Oregon I believe would would also meet in Florida zero anyway I mean I mean people get the idea right where it's the of the they're all the I don't know if I was it the homeowner association will show up the neighborhood **** will say you can't have a garden here so yeah that's why we can't have the records would be sunshine patriots of slung away from our responsibilities in wartime England when asked to darken or windows during air raids okay so once again you've got another guy here or in the government gang who is likening this current situation to wartime that is continuously happening and it's not just you know Democrats trump's done it too right he's talked about fighting the quote invisible animal he was alluding to the deep state that's what you said years talking about covert nineteen is what he was talking about so you know none of these people are any better than any of the rest of them I mean it's a difference only in degrees we're all seeing all these governors talking about this new normal and new and you know the United States doesn't have a Belarus there are some states where they didn't have total lockdown so some states were better than others but that's always true in the U. S. there's always some states that are less free or more free than others but none of them I have the same size the same mentality as Belarus across the board yeah in in his you know talk about like victory gardens right it's it it's like trying to have the people who buy into all of this feel like they're part of the team ride with their their of fighting this war and circle with victory gardens food is being rationed serve heating grow one you could you know you could go hungry and with you some of the London blitz you know pull Darkwing for windows yeah I mean if you if you didn't darken your windows you know but you might have a bomb fall in your house but he's equating bat just a walking outside and not putting a piece of a fabric over your face that's really what they're trying to do they're trying to act like if you you know join in you do what you're told you're going to be contributing to this war effort you're going to help defeat corona virus and you're.

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