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36. We've got sports would be cake coming up two of our college basketball teams having some nice victories yesterday last night, and we'll also get an update in money news with Patterson of those jobless numbers coming up for December. Right now we take a look at that Dr John Morrissey. One of the slower drives in the morning is he's bound to 70 this morning. It slow like molasses. It is a crash. He's bound to 70 approaching Vasquez. It's got you backed up solid back to high 25. That's the slow down that will cause you to be late for work. Or at least be a good excuse. Why you overslept this morning. You driving westbound? I 76 heavy from Commerce City. Exit down 2 to 70 westbound to seventies. Heavy right there. Invest guessed your drivers in pretty good shape. Although somebody's reporting an accident right there, it's Sixth Avenue and I 25 The report is its North bound to it. We'll have to see how that develops, slowdowns developed, but that Sixth Avenue I 25 drive is a busy spot in your drive, and so will be islands and Parker work continues on that water Main break from yesterday in the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center Sun's coming up That means the speeds on I 70 are slowing down. Especially eastbound. I 70 east of Idaho Springs at the Blackhawk exit at the base of Floyd Hill. Si dot has put up a safety closure again this morning for sun glare on that eastbound I 70 drive. They've got too deep. We're set up US six to us. 40 takes you the top of Floyd dealing back on the highway. This reporter sponsored by Woodley's Fine Furniture Happy New Year, joining Woodley's New Year's sale. It's the biggest of best sale of the year with 40% off retail savings, plus 24 months. Special financing,.

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