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And a healthier you so we're going to get dean on phone we're going to try gonna try while we're doing that what are your thoughts on justin bieber in hailey baldwin getting engaged that's the big newsweek especially up in canada i would imagine right i'm okay can i start i'm canadian and mary heartbroken but at the same time happy for him like i don't know how to feel about this right now why are you heartbroken because you know what you have like a little bit of a crush on like a celebrity or whatever you kind of always pick to them as an expendable like available and you know but now that he's engaged yeah like you'll pimp be like wanting to have a crush dot had never show together again this is the royal wedding isn't it because he's kind of like a prince and canada and he's marrying an american i guess you can consider him a friend but no not level meghan markle of candidate she's i don't know if that's an assessment really it's interesting though because they they've known each other for years haven't they they've been friends because he's on and off yeah they dated like back in twenty hopefully kenny run twenty fourteen i think or i don't even know they dated because i know obviously bieber and selena gomez that's like a very famous relationship that's being shipped quote unquote around the world you know that's shit i was shipping bieber and selena gomez but apparently it didn't they just didn't they just did a few months that's the thing is they're both coming off a fairly serious relationships are so we thought we thought haley and shawn mendez worth thing apparently yeah may maybe they.

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