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I'm a bit stressed these days. Because i am in the process of buying a new car actually is not a new car. A used car but i'm the process of buying. It hasn't been smooth so far on just like every other Industry at the moment in everyone's dealing with the pandemic in with shortages and everything. So i had to request a car from new york. It arrived i went to the test. Drive it they found out that the title did not arrive with a car. So i could not test drive it because they literally couldn't let me by the car because he didn't have the title so days later i got the call in. I can go in and test drive at. The title finally arrived in so i did. I went in Yesterday i tested the car liked it and now is going through the final lake mechanic checking everything since it is a used car in order in massachusetts to buy a car. You have to have proof of car insurance and currently. I don't own a car. So i don't have car insurance. And in order to perchance car insurance. I need a license plate. Number in vin number which. I will have a sign of paperwork when i buy the car. But i'm gonna call them in a row i that happens a lot because they can't be the first person on the planet to buy a car who doesn't have car yet but this oil we're gonna to call me the dealership and be like i wanna part purchases. Car can get this insurance about ready to sign this big check. Look so this. One of those things were is another headache trying to deal with. I'm trying to track down building managers when you get a parking permit so i don't get towed. So in addition to getting this co right ready to the editor gaining girl of happens ready for publication.

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