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Music from the high Llamas before that that's a project that kind of spun out of stereo lab had a release from nineteen ninety eight entitled cold and bouncy. We heard the track three point scrabble Sherry Glaser before that and a single from last year juicy socks the name of the tune, and we started to set off with Madonna in her collaboration with William orbit the album Ray of light, we heard the title cut to that record here on KCRW. Today on press play teachers go on strike occur. We hope every student to school. Around ten year disruption. Will do that Madeleine brand with the first teacher strike in thirty years? Looks like today at one on press play on KCRW. We continue with something from nineteen ninety eight from the band of marine research. This is a band that came from the ashes of the band, heavenly and released just a soul record called sounds from the Gulfstream technically came out in nineteen ninety nine. However, there wasn't an advanced single from the record that came out in nineteen ninety eight and it is my favorite track from the records. I figured we'd go ahead and give that a shot. The track is entitled Queen bee from marine research here on KCRW. In between a collaboration from Thais eagle and white fence to classic from Elliott Smith here on KCRW..

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