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Wasn't like room to improve like it's a solid fish tank But in terms of like super villain fish tangos like a B minus so a real new improve but still quality time right. Yeah I want. Fifty eight hasn't even kicked yet or he's just spend the rookie scraped. Yeah so that will certainly improve over the years But be. He had an entire kitchen like he had his normal kitchen but then then he added entire separate kitchen down like an game room that only had candy in it so I don't know how him embiid on better friends. That's about to me. That was a red flag knowing he had that either has told him bead which is a sign of bad friendship or MVP knows and they're still not done enough friends. They can't overlook that to hang out. Candy layer huge red flag. That just sold me on semi-sale even more Dwight Howard loves candy. They have anything that sells me on B. Two L. A.. Dwight Howard is the trade filler. One guy's leg tatum to enough saying he loves Boston. Never sure I've never seen anyone more with the city other than like mookie Betts. Let's read soccer. Light the Lebron debate ring this year phase it out as complex board. Who really wants to come feel Kobi's OBI's footsteps and all these guys are completely eighty is be the one time we already got the big man we gotta get the small usually have the smog? It I'm trying to picture. What's the 'cause like the bulls forever have had those excuse like Ed now wants to come here to to fill in for Jordan Jordan but like the Lakers? Never had that problem but now that there's like Jordan two point. Oh everyone's still wants to go there to try and carry on. His legacy bows just like boy. I hope I have. Nobody wants to fill a dickey. simpkins shoes can't be Jud Buechler what he wants to live up to their weight troublesome it's all troublesome wrapped him on my bill twenty back to seniors. They know the heat of the four because the Celtics of one nine out of ten Ha so they've lost a game over that top three knees all at least nine in one over there listed direct. You know the three best records in the entire league over the last ten games belong to the Bucks Dorato Toronto. Technically I Milwaukee team awesome Yes so there are twenty five and fourteen before this streak which obviously fine. But what a hellacious relations were on their finally healthy Talkin scarves. They couldn't be better off stuff if we're GONNA tear them to shreds. I'll think it's his fault paces than stinking. Since all the depots dead breed seven some consider all six straight in there yet. Let me let me get ahead of him so philly Miami in that first round right now again this is the point of bringing bed. Let him work through the COBWEBS. These part of the growing pains important. He stayed in fourteen seventeen fourteen eleven and fourteen shot. so He's like no I'm GONNA I'm GonNa give these offshoot through the cobwebs right. I'm not like I'm not ease back into shit. And they lost every game. He's played a two of US have been against Toronto to be fair. Eh everybody but to those against the New York teams as well. Gets you like to see like negative to the to the title of the Clippers. Both thirty seven in sixteen. Utah's been strong. Houston's been strong not one that's thereby have game hasn't updated yet my apologies. While the nuggets fans listening they will get you out so the Toronto's probably forty one in four Jalen uh-huh not like rockets. It's a good thing. They won the primetime game. 'cause they lost the next two they lost either one of those the night shacking truck Ron Boyd. He'd heated up Boston. Awesome tonight and then that's it. They don't play for nine days. That's pretty good 'cause they were Boston in the newsroom. That'd be good for tomatoes Margaret smarts going to play well always plays while in Texas Russell Westbrook inclu. Well dated his Wi- also true Jalen jalen twisted his ankle two games ago or three games ago took two games ago off came back yesterday twisted his other ankle and now says he doesn't know which legs limping on And then said he's GonNa play every game the rest of the way the local break. Jalen me as I say the day. Listen Jalen got the bag already. He think Danny Age while violent void that you're crazy person and yet the facility road language interviews brain either angle jails agents like I don't know why read over this. It feels important. Should look into it. We've got at using clippers at home. all-star break the couple of soup cans for the for the break. Who Non Celtics? Who's your favorite individual player? Watch non-south so thanks. I can't even say honest because he only plays like twelve minutes a game. I won't say it's not fun Out of wow. Wow Wow wow wow but I expect the well. The heat Evatt had a couple really fun guys young guys and Bam in hero when he's cooking. I can't say a hero for the whole season. He's not even most exciting rookie. Let's escape Everyone's favorite mediscare into a bams been really fun. I've really enjoyed what's going on Philly Very much so now shake milnes put together. Banner Fulton stretches has been fun dot as consistent as I'd like but just seeing it at all has been fun nothing in Washington Chicago to Detroit. Terry's been fun because people really bash that contract and he's been Him devante been fun for such a terrible Charlotte team like the team's not fun but those are fun this the people I talk about the money. Not what you're getting for like mandate others that quote. They just blew. Eighteen million. A year to Rosier doesn't matter that he's playing playing. Well trae obviously Michael Water you've listed nineteen people. No I think I have the one I'm I'm building to it but Michael Porter has been fun. That's been kind of recent Him actually like playing consistent minutes. But that's been fun Import was hurt again. I don't like that Dame obviously Asli but now the most funds been Zsa. I have no problem saying that of allies on watching Jeff to crash. The Joe Walsh punched in the face. What do you Mean Strategy Zion Ryan another reason? Because if they're honest guys Russell Westbrook who jump the wall to I'd take the guy Rests talks to like everybody Go bare now basically to put a shoulder chest in late in over. Yes and they asked him. Can you remember the question is on. Well how do you feel about hitting shot but whatever it will really go bang. Fuck a witty's like I put a shoulder Augurs chest. I just shoot over me just a little bit. Alan everybody else wrong. He's not wrong at all. I just talk like that. They ever really. It's GonNa shut the fuck up you're gonNA drink your fucking milk and go to sleep if he's not even mad Way Talks Right. I vote dangling fucking kiss on cheap hug me and they wanna lay down eight hours a good guy damn rest might be one the way he was just completely written Alvin. Just blame for everything. Russell Westbrook was written off again. No it wasn't wasn't a contract with untradeable and now he's just pass is to the past three.

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