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When he gets you. Magic wing gets the game start before hours. Adam Schefter trying to get into like the cute gain with this ally. No, yeah. He like traded tweet Bernie Eli apple I saw you send it to me on our helicopter. I'm like, oh my God. I thought for sure and you were gonna freak out of me. I thought you were going to react to it tweet something. And then blame me Oh, like like what what you you said. said was dead. Tweet about that. I woke up and saw it like people was Was it. it article? Remember that when Mike barnicle and? Carrozza thing called we lost beat raiders. I woke will. What is your tax not dead yet? I already wrote a blog that he was dead. Published? I would have written. This is. Yeah. No. You're false information. Guys. I'm time knows Mike barnicle. No, I didn't hear from you. He was crushing it with the bullpen updates last night fair's fair as true. Tom has up you're gonna fucking. Packet about what the profile looks are going to be in this video eating the eating. I know it. Let's. Touch my food since they've fucking food. Well, no, you talked one time just full mouth, go Heron. Sir. Can I eat Lois show office miniature Brett edgier who is working our office here? I don't even know people really know what you are who's watching his mind this guy like all business, Pete junior. I'd say, yeah. Just booked in Quincy with the no more rooms. I went to Fronton like do you have any runs a? Yeah. What an asshole. I mean, really jerk. Power move attempted power move. Yeah. So welcome Andrews working back. Tom Hanks said he was like horribly sexually horrible. Now. He's a freak his wife. He credits with that water on naked all the time. He also said he soundly, Astle caulking jerk. Not the big Tom Hanks is always like very lovable character several per to predict well, even in roads perdition wildly underrated movie. I agree. So good. I'm just gonna hang around. But he walks around naked. Now, all the time said flying private is like is number one. Vice hasn't flown on commercial airlines, nineteen eighty like crack cocaine and. What's he saying? That's. Well, I like Hanks doesn't seem like somebody rubs in like private or like, I I make make it it a a law. law these, but I think that's all hangs on his patio. Slinging dick, Tommy Hanks. Find that weird. Yeah. But I think the private thing. I mean, the number one thing. Anyone's face, though, people say. Tom Hanks money, though, exactly so expect that from Tom Hanks say I wouldn't expect him to fly commercial fucking Southwest Airlines. This. You're not rub it in my face with about you having to tell. We flew on a helicopter. They never doing anything. Number one number of never Flagler Shaw. Same right? We'll also. Struggle the sex stories. I do have. Yeah. What's going on with that? I don't know. Allergies is sick. I can never tell. For yourself said he on earth, an old playboy video video interview younger and said he lost his virginity to the Notre Dame fights on goes into a little more detail about it. He said it wasn't. He was an insult and on a waterbed and have just bites on plane as head you believe that. Yeah. Gruden. Yeah. No rename. Although maybe I I'm set feel like that's weird thing. Like, you'll walk on Brawley sexy. Here only thought is like oh my God. I'm having sex. Right. So that's why don't come. Don't come. And I guess. Yeah. Yeah. I guess I can see that logic anyone's going to have bikes on clang while they lose their Janati. It's going to be younger. Now that's fair. I just I don't know. I can't imagine anyone there. First time having sex thinking anything, but all my God. Matt sex. You're just like, yeah. I think we're lost my virginity. I just did like three pumps as all right? That's what it is. I'm good evening. You didn't finish check it out. You still get you leave? It check it out. Water. That makes no sense. But what also you don't as a whole? Steelers won all these the office. No, I'm taking this guy's dry. George reminds me of the Brady bunch. All right..

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