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What does that even mean? We don't necessarily know what that means but it's that gut feeling. It's the idea that they do with if you heard the heart math if institute no it's this whole idea of heart intelligence where there are feelings and it seems like thoughts that originate in our heart that don't start in the brain start from the heart. Art and then go to the brain or the parts of the body or start from the gut and then go to the brain so we literally feel things and think things from other parts of the body I look it up. You don't believe me so really when we're saying I have that gut gut feeling where I think from my gut right. I'm heart Senator Hart based. There seems to be signed supporting this and this goes back again to the idea of if we want to change behavior slowdown lowdown our brain frequency when we slowed on the brain frequency we expand our awareness and our connection everything else this idea of external reality being and social constructs being real dissolves and it's this inner stuff that becomes important. We talked about this. Previously the idea that hypnosis is somewhat similar to meditation that if when you're meditating and you're focusing on the one thing whatever it is a monster or a candle or your breathing with the idea that eventually you stop even focusing on that clearly your mind if everything that the cool thing is when we clear our mind of all thought we have access to everything that was funny during our and we will get to this up in a bid after the break <hes> that that was what I compared hypnosis to was meditation yeah it was very similar but but but I I have have one question <hes> that is probably very not not an easy answer but before we go on break and and I'm wondering I'm very spiritual person and <hes> <hes> I believe in the Im- put from an external world that there is Im- put that that comes into me <hes> just simply put in in writing or an art is amuse news. You know that that there is something outside of me. How does that interact to relate to the unconscious? The this spiritual world that we speak of and the unconscious they they won the same does a spiritual world work through the unconscious. Does it work to the conscious because or is it you know what what is the process there my first thought is I don't really know I mean I I have my own beliefs but when I'm working with somebody I tend to delineate we we didn't a couple of different things so they're conscious mind their unconscious mind and something I call their core self now we could call it courcelle off we call it higher self we call their their spirit their soul to me all of that would be the same thing they have this conscious logical thing this unconscious and this other part that I believe that I'm talking to so when they slow everything down <hes> slow thinking down eliminate this their version of logic their version of rational and reasonable thinking and get to the core of who they are and again and maybe this is the spirit or the this thing that's connected to the spirit world. God whatever you want to call it. Yes that's who I that's who I imagine talking to so we get all that stuff out of the way I'm talking to. The essence of WHO Charley is I'm or whoever it is right so I'm talking to Charlie is and knowing that you know the answer so I'm literally giving we'll talk about why didn't in some ways give you a lot of suggestions. <hes> I'm I'm. I'm usually giving people suggestions literally giving them suggestions you could do this and this and this and a lot of times I will also say almost all the time say or your unconscious mind or your core self will come up with something better because it knows I'm talking to that part. That knows that you know what to do. You have the answers you're already. You're already complete in the womb. You didn't need it anything. What makes you think you need something now right? You had everything you need it in the womb. Why do you now need something more? You don't great question <hes> I wanNA take a break Yup and then I wanna come back and I wanNA talk about <hes> <hes> suggest ability and and how that impacts young conscious unconscious cools. Let's go on break and breath hi this Charlie hedges and you're listening to the next chapter with Charlie and I'm here with my special guest.

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