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Welcome back to journeys of faith from ABC news. I'm Paula Farris. And I'm here with Raza Aslam. I think there are so many misconceptions of these lawmakers religion. It it constitutes twenty five percent of the world's population. What do you think are some of the bigger misconceptions? And also, what do you believe about Jesus you wrote a book called zealot the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth? So what is Islam able leave about Jesus? And what do you think in your mind are some of the greatest misconceptions? I think all of the misconceptions of his Lomb can be summed up in one misconception. Okay. And that is that Islam is unique or special or different not privy to the same cultural or historical or even literary influences. It's just a religion like every other religion. It is as it is. The most diverse religion in the history of the world. It comes in a thousand different flavors. There are traditionalist and there are progressives constant state of evolution. It is. Constantly adapting to the world around it to the cultures that income to cross it. There's nothing unusual or unique about Islam as a religion. That's the biggest misconception. Interesting. And it's a it's a misconception that almost all Americans. Have you hear it all the time? Yeah. But the thing about Islam is that, you know, there's no separation of mosque in state, actually Islam invented the concept of separation of mosque in state, and in fact throughout history and in most Muslim communities most Muslim countries with the exception of Saudi Arabia, Iran. The religious authorities have no influence whatsoever over the state countries like Egypt or countries like Syria. You know, these countries that we talk about having these tremendous terrorism problems are violently aggressively secularist countries than actually. Really, very violently repress a religion in politics. Whereas we not only invite religion in politics. We actually reward religion in politics. This idea that you know, the thing about Islam is it doesn't change you. See it's always been the same. That's preposterous. If you can say anything about Islam that you can't say about Christianity or any other religion. You're wrong with bodyslam. Right. I think that's what it is. Is that we have this idea that somehow Islam is different than other religions, and it's not, you know, I I graduated from a I guess you could call it a conservative Christian college in Ohio is a small college, and we all graduated with a bible minor. We did have to study other religions, but I didn't know that Jesus was such an important figure in Islam. I a little bit of research shows that Jesus Mary Abraham Moses and other bible characters are in the Koran Moseley's believe that Jesus was a prophet of God born of a virgin and he's coming again. And Muslims do believe Jesus perform miracles, but they don't believe he's the son of God God. Yes. Muslims believe that Jesus was the messiah, okay? Under the definition of messiah the Jewish definition of messiah before that definition was radically transformed by Jesus and his followers. What Muslims do not believe? Is that Jesus was divine because they don't believe he's the son of God. Well, you have to. I think it's important to understand what that term means many many people in the bible are called son of God son of God is a title. It's a kingly title when Jesus is referred to as son of God. It's not a description of his parentage. It's a description of his kingly authority. But if what you mean by that, of course, is that he's divine that he's got an carnage. And that is something that Muslims. Most definitely do not believe in as a matter of fact. The very concept of divine man, runs counter to the the concept of what God is in in Islam very much like Judaism, God is indivisible. And so anything that divides. God's self in any way. And certainly incarnation is one of those things would be considered anathema. So besides that. Yeah. You got it. All right. Yeah. Muslims in fact. Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet and the messiah they actually rank Jesus higher than the prophet. Mohammed. The prophet Muhammad who didn't perform any miracles. You know, the prophet Muhammed who. That. Yeah. The prophet Mohammed isn't going to come back at the end of time rain, Slim's believed Jesus will come back in the time. Muslims believe Jesus sits at the right hand of God. The prophet. Muhammad does not..

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