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The husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth the second Prince Philip has written a letter apology to the woman who was injured when his Land Rover, which she was driving collided with hers. Here's correspondent Karen Shamas told the lemon he was deeply sorry that she was in January seventeenth collision in the nets eggs. And whether he suffered a break in missed in the crash, can it said he was dazzled by the sun when he entered the main, right? Neither will retreats in San Diego. I'm in eastern England's was on hats or they his cough. Flipped say that he was not touched with any infection and continues to drive Cantamessa London. Tens of thousands of people still sheltering in the United Nations protected camps across south Sudan, the legacy of an unprecedented decision by UN peacekeeping mission through open its doors to people fleeing civil war. What began as a temporary experiment is looking more like a permanent refuge or more than one hundred ninety thousand people living in squalor news and analysis at townhall dot com. Puck and player tracking coming to the National Hockey League next season. Correspondent Bob Agnew has more. The NHL will join the NFL has major North American professional sports leagues with wearable realtime tracking technology during games. NHL? CEO John Collins has quote at a base level. What this would do is give an accurate digital record consistent across the league of what happens on the ice, the NBA and major league baseball US Fish gated systems that can include radar and cameras by new report more than twenty five thousand Mexican Mexican workers at dozens of factories south of Brownsville taxes have gone on strike after owners of the plants that assemble for export refused. Union demands for a twenty percent pay hike and an annual bonus for the forty five companies represented by the union reached terms to avoid strikes while at least one announced plans to leave the city of Matamoros more on these stories at townhall dot com. I'm Gordon Griffin. Jim peewee Martin g company in the one hundred first airborne division speaks about what it was like during World War defending people's freedoms. He didn't know in a place. He couldn't even pronounce saw little sign said stagnate. That's how I got war. We didn't even know how.

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