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You don't need to touch any of these retirement funds. You can just young let them sit there and continue to grow are you employed. Yes, I'm going back to work in December. Yep. Okay. And will you make enough to live on? Yeah. I make about ninety thousand my goodness. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. You can live on that and not touch any of this money. And then when you're when you feel like you're up to it that you're the fog is of grief is clearing off of your brain. I usually tell people a year, but you guys are in such good shape financially. You've been doing this for a while. You guys were financial peace coordinators. So I think you're going to be making pretty solid decisions fairly quickly. But there's no rush. There's no pressure. Okay. So sometime after the first of the year, let's say that when all these checks are sitting in the Bank, sit down with your Smartvestor pro that helps you with your investing. And let's get you know, the bulk of this money invested into something into some good mutual funds, and that kind of thing so that it's not just sitting there in a Bank account. But there the thing about setting it in the Bank account is it's just. Keeps you from. You don't have to make decisions while you've got the fog on your brain of grief. Right question. Actually, he has he has a Roth IRA another IRA and vanguard funds. So should I put the money into antenna, those you can't add all of that too? That you you're just gonna have to do good mutual fund investing. And okay, again, I would sit down with a Smartvestor pro. Do you have somebody that's been doing your mutual funds? No, okay. Now, my husband it's through his his company. He worked for investment firm. So okay. All right. Well, jump online at daveramsey dot com or whoever you're going to deal with and you can check out a Smartvestor pro..

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