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Yeah we're just going to accept all of that is read right now and so i wanna start with they're they're a couple of guys even you know this is a middle of march like the season is about to start this is about the time where i stop complaining about how spring training is useless and everybody ought to start up watching college baseball anyway because baseball is right around the corner and alex cobb and greg holland have not signed so at which is bizarre to me because those like in this era of pitchers there's not a team in the league that wouldn't be helped by at least one of those guys so is there a place that you you know that you think that they would be especially a good fit or is there you know is it just everybody needs annouce cobb everybody needs a greg holland yeah i mean given how far their contract demands presumably have fallen tits not hard to imagine them fitting on almost any team even teams that traditionally haven't spent for attractive for agents and we have seen the sort of thing before with guys who have had qualifying offer issues and draft pick compensation attached like kyle loesch for instance but that's the case with both of these guys which also hamstrung players like mike stock is so now you've got cobb in holland and these are two guys who may have had better offers earlier this offseason that they passed up and are possibly regretting that now it looks like they're not gonna sign for anything close to say the three year deals that they've been rumored to have been offered at various points this winter and there are a lot of teams you can point to and say yeah the team has better with cobber or with holland and really the rumor market for both of them has been pretty tepid lately but i think you could look at holland and say oh well he would make the cardinals better for instance or he would make the injuries better maybe and you know he's been sort of connected to those teams in very intangible amorphous ways so you can imagine him ending up there but it's not gonna be for the three years and fifty ish that he was rumored to have been offered at one point from the.

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