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Their consequences matter. The only thing worse than letting Democrats win elections is letting bad Republicans when elections and not holding them accountable. You'll be left with a party of people. You will behave like Democrats. Until it's election time and then they will jump up and start screaming about abortions and boys in bathrooms. Win your vote and go back to doing exactly what the Democrats want them to do, or Doing nothing. That's how I would describe Greg Abbotts governorship. Will anyone run against him next November? Certainly may be bait. Oh, maybe Matthew McConaughey. Will anyone run against him in the Republican Party to force him back to what the base once One fellow already is. Don Ho finds former state senator Senator. Glad to have you Hey, Good morning, Michael. Glad to be here. Why run against these sitting Republican governor and violate the Republican 11th Commandment Commandment as issued by Ronald Reagan. Well. I can tell you. These are desperate times. I like most Republicans. We're we're all tired of being lied to. We're tired of all the broken and empty promises, and my campaign is really simple. It's about leadership and no excuses. I mean, let's just look at the major issues we're facing right now. Is the border secure. Two people have confidence in our elections or property taxes going down and Course The answer is no. No and no. And and look, I have yet to meet a single text and the things that border secure because it is and I just got back from it last weekend. It's wide open. This is an invasion, and that's why our message of Finishing Trump's wall and doing whatever we need to do to secure that Texas his border and is resonating so well and I'm very clear about not asking permission to secure Texas's border. What does that look like? What would you do that Greg Abbott is not doing? Well, first of all, start with leadership and courage. You're never going to secure that border. If you don't have a governor in Texas that wants it secure. Their federal government, we know isn't going to secure the border. This is a planned premeditated invasion of Texas by the Biden administration. And what we're going to do like I just said it's finished Trump's Wall And then we're going to do whatever needs to be done to secure our border Does border was clearly defined with the blood of Texas Patriots. There's no dispute, aware where it is, and we're not going to give it back to Mexico. You know, when you look at the job of governors State of Texas in a state that has been Republican for a very long time, George W. Bush, then Rick Perry and and now Greg, Grab it. You have a mandate from the voters. To do things to accomplish things, and it feels like He either doesn't recognize that or in his heart doesn't have those values. My complaint against grab it has always been. He doesn't believe in anything. He takes poles and figures out what he has to do in that election time, does it? And then says people are picking on him because he's in a wheelchair. But that's not good enough to be governor of the state of Texas. I think we deserve better. Well, of course, you're correct on all that. Look, this guy's the definition of a career politician. He's been on the government payroll for 30 years for decades. He's a political wind sock. He's the definition of a rhino. And what this is is about leadership leadership. No excuses and everything starts at the top. If we want to get rid of property tax, and that's one of my goals. It's a goal. The Republican Party is the is the phase out property tax. It starts with with the governor's mansion. How do we do that? We know we still have expenses and state. How do we phase out the property tax? And where do we raise money from or do we simply cut spending that much? Cutting spendings. Always a good idea, and that's going to be part of the plan. But I can tell you that Texans are tired of running their homes from the government and having their rent go up year after year. You never owned anything in Texas. All you do is rent it from the government. And there's a lot of plans out there to make this happen. The key here is to have a governor that's gonna force the Legislature to come up with a plan. This isn't gonna happen overnight. This could take a decade to happen. It might even take a little bit longer, but we have got focused on this and we can and look, we can get this done. This is a very doable thing. This is Texas. We have the solutions, and we have the courage to implement those solutions because everything is possible in Texas. Take a minute and a half. And because that's what I have left in this segment before we get to the next and introduce yourself to our listeners that may not know who done her finances. While the fifth generation Texan of it when I say I'm conservative, I don't mean that cause all the Republicans lie about being conservative. I was in the Texas Senate. I've got the record to prove it. I was one of the most conservative state senators in Texas. And I can tell you that I'm a business guy, uh, have been successful. We're gonna have the resource is to compete in this in this election, and we're gonna win this. This is very winnable. We're going to change Texas. It's a new chapter for Texas. And I mean that when I say it, it did. Our greatest days are coming. And and our greatest days or yet to dawn for Texas because we're going to provide leadership that this state has never seen. It is gonna be off the charts. We're going to show the United States Of America. What personal liberties about what economic Liberty's about. We're going to create so much prosperity in this state. People are going to be shocked. We're going to show the leaders from New York to San Francisco what the lighthouse of Liberty looks like, and we're going to blind him with it. And we're going to root out the socialist in Texas. We're going to take the fight to the Democrats in every corner of this state. We're not playing. We're not playing defense anymore. We're gonna lose Texas. And by golly, we're gonna fight back. We're not going to go down without a fight, and I'm gonna win this race. Former senator Don ho Finds is our guest. He's running for governor against Greg Abbott in the Republican primary. There may yet be others as well. We will continue our conversation with him. Coming up next..

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