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Libya on a troll will get into that right after sports greg hello hey john here at miller park where reliever jeremy jeffers will start for the brewers in game two of us i'm sorry get one of a threegame series against the ball woods jefferson never started a gave at his big week career brewer's manager craig counsel has been around baseball for an awfully long time but in the midst of this most resupply out jc admits the atmosphere for these guys very could pages but most unique dugout i've ever been around here the tumble like a high school college the there required players got cheer situations of our derivative riveting pretty pretty loudly and with good stuff on dugout cartilage begin tonight at six thirty five lead wow at wrigley field becomes hammering the cardinals eight two of their you have the seventh bidding packers allowed seventy seven points at two games against the falcons liar sees it both losses for is well is the packers defense looked at a week ward weird way matthews knows the falcons are different animal yet will never worked out personal legalism now in the model no we planning only i'm at home and perks in imports in whatever was down thirty five there were still the mega gasol that label water as well as we've five players listed as questionable at the packers injury reported glued it book it tackles brive laga david boxy ari tech break wisconsin football teed off the road against byu saturday afternoon at 230 kick edry's of day rickie fowler mark least share the lead during route two of the b of wto deputy championship from lake forest illinois great thank you very much press life football tonight it's muck wanna go waukesha west coverage wtmjcom and other tmj mobile app starting at six forty tonight.

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