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In thirty two degrees and boston it's partly cloudy now we'll see some morning sun but then clouds moving in this afternoon bringing some rain and drizzle as well high today in the 40s good morning i'm deb lawler top stories now during a heated school committee meeting last night bedford superintendant roy belsen says he was wrong for failing to report a loaded ammunition clip found in a school auditorium in december some parents are calling on belsen to resign the deputy at the florida high school where seventeen people were killed waited outside the building for about four minutes without ever going in to help he has resigned after being suspended without pay and former president barack obama is in boston today he'll be speak anther sloan sports analytic conference mr obama will talk about his time in the white house and his future plans in other news house lawmakers and new hampshire reject an attempt to allow pistols and revolvers on college campuses the bill would have allowed anyone who has not otherwise prohibited by law to carry a gun onto the grounds of any campus including un age and the community colleges supporters argue that students are adults who should be allowed to defend themselves oh ponce in the event of an active shooter it might be unclear who was the shooter and who was the defender in new mexico a sixteen year old is in big trouble after posting a threat against a high school on snapchat jonathan floor as wanted to see what kind of reaction would come from the post and says he never intended to harm any one but len high school will have a delayed opening today karen aggie lars a student there before lake even seem to do when they shouldn't have to be seen that were and i think that the delay his is a very good caution for all in the studio and floor as is reportedly facing charges of assault on school personnel and interference with an education system gunmakers are feeling some business blow back.

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