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Hill who just one election first time a Democrat since nineteen ninety three she won out two weeks ago on fox news and several of course everybody knows we need to secure the southern border we all know that we need a Berrier down there where are you video haven't we asked do you know we have a deal to come on the program had a week to get can't figure out how to make it work she's in the witness protection program Katie hills on the side of a milk carton all of a sudden because she dared to step up and say exactly what the people who elected her to go to DC and represent them once in that year's border security and the sanctuary lost a getting serious again about our immigration policy now if that happens if enough of those Democrats step up then yes maybe we'll see the paltry five point seven million dollars appropriated for further border security and a wall being built that would happen it might possibly happen the letter will go to your show weekdays ten to noon M. seven ninety day ABC Dr Sanjay Gupta what I know the worst way to whiten your teeth I'm Dr Sanjay Gupta CNN's chief medical correspondent I've never heard of this before but apparently some people use salt and baking soda to whiten their teeth not the scene a professor at the Ohio State University college of dentistry says you might see some short term whitening but the long term damage is in no way worth that that's because brushing with salt or baking soda will wear down your enamel Xena says think of it as trying to lighten your floors by sanding them down eventually gonna sand away the entire surface and enamel doesn't grow back once it's gone it's gone the best.

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