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It's 10 11 in Richmond. Police investigating the death of a VCU student in an off campus housing incident this weekend, authorities saying 19 year old Adam Oaks of Loudon County was found unresponsive by officers. The medical examiner is going to determine now. How oaks died. You see you also announcing on Sunday that it's suspended Delta Chi. The school declined to say whether Oaks was a member is roommate, though telling a TV station that he did receive a bid to join the issue. Police also in investigating Major shift continues in the Old Dominion. Virginia continues to clear the way for the legalization of marijuana. Virginia lawmakers have given final approval to a bill that will eventually legalize upto an ounce of marijuana for recreational use of urine Adult, But legalization won't take effect until 2024 when retail sales of the drug would also begin. Governor Ralph Northam has indicated he'll be signing the bill into law. But supporters hope he'll also move to amend it to make the law take effect sooner. Some see legalizing marijuana as a racial justice issue, state Senator Jennifer McClellan Questions how the legislation will affect people of color. Are we addressing the disproportionate impact that marijuana prohibition has had on black and Brown Communities? Occasion James W. T. O P News. Meanwhile, governor Northern also will ease some covert 19 restrictions in Virginia tomorrow follows the downward trend in hospitalizations and an increase in vaccinations. Alcohol sales, once again ending at midnight is supposed to 10 o'clock, the midnight to 5 A.m. curfew. Also going away door. Social gatherings will increase from 10 to 25. People and entertainment can operate at that capacity of 30% or 1000. People that's up from 250. Despite that, the governor still urges all residents in the Old Dominion to keep wearing their mask, washing their hands and social distancing. And when your kids go back to school, it depends on the system as to where they go back to school, and how that happens. Now we're learning. One local school system is ready to bring most of its students back. The thought Care County School board voted unanimously to allow families to choose to have students back in schools four days a week, Superintendent David Jack said. That could mean less than 6 FT. Between desks but with masks State health Garden says that should be safe. This is one of those moments in time where we all need to be on the same page as far as what we're expecting from our kids. While distance learning will remain an option, he says. There may be a leg in getting those questions answered in some instances may have to wait until Wednesday. That's the one asynchronous day for everyone. The log in stained wt LP, New and still ahead in sports. The Wizards that was a close one. It's been 14. It's not quite time for the madness that is college basketball in March, But that doesn't mean the fun has to wait..

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