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Do you they were playing earth wind and fire last week too so thanks for that so we got it we gotta go to pete rhode quickly because pete's calling in about vacation jack is going to be so jackson waiting on the line wait just a little bit longer vacation pete's where do you love to go i ladies actually way up the coast of lake michigan is a little town called petoskey i've been there dozens of times petoskey yeah so you would keep going there oh yeah the distance why do you go because i'm familiar with it yeah that's a nice place very the so much nicer up there yeah totally true clear you feel in your lungs pete like why would you not go right money yeah there you go thank you for calling and thanks for listening to what matters with mindy michaela we appreciate it you're most welcome all right so we've got jerry link horn and justin rash with lincoln home inspections and the grounds guys of westerville in with us today i'm doing a facebook live should they can sit around and i went like this and i hit i was trying to get justice over there there's just in from guys we have a few questions for you but we want to get jack i because jack has been waiting patiently and jack it looks like i'm not sure if you are thinking about something for your home or your yard so give us your question serve it on up this would probably be for jerry lane corn jerry i'm wondering about the gutter guards we have a ranch house getting older i don't like to climb up and clean out the spell but the thing that bothers me about watching these ads for gutter guards is the they lose your rains like we've had just here in the last month or so will gutter guards allow all that water to go into your gutters so your answer is no there's a lot of different brands and styles of gutter guards i'm not sure the actual gutter guard brand itself but the ones that have more like a mesh type surface instead of like a smooth metal surface that have little holes in it the ones that have the big openings allow more water to get into your gutters and i agree with you though when you get a heavy rain some of those aluminum gutter guards that had the little holes in it a lot of that water overflows those and we've had some heavy rains like that so jack thank you so much for your call anyone can give us a call ask question six one four eight two one wtvn six one four eight two one nine eight eight six if you have a question for jerry or justice duty is joined us on facebook she actually has a question for you justin with the ground guys she said she has a yard fungus does not know what to do with it which is actually one of the questions you are one.

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