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Norten dot com slash radio for 25% off. Has promised more KCBS traffic news. We're going to check back with Kim vessel for the very latest. Well, I sound like a broken record, but ongoing delays on 5 80 eastbound deliver more and on Highway five up ahead in lace trip where we have a huge jam. I'll tell you what's happening. Their 1st 5 deliver more. An accident East found West Vasko Road is on the right hand shoulder that was in a backup caused by Another crash he's found 5 80 closer to Grant line. That accident is clear. So what we have now is just residual bumper to bumper traffic out of liver more as you continue. If you're headed towards Tracy and Highway five, we had an overturned big rig. It was a big rig hauling one of these houses and it overturned. Sounds down Highway five at Highway 1 20 South bound Highway five is backed up to Roth Road, and if you're merging onto North bound Highway five From two of five in Tracy. It's really jammed up there and the Chilton auto body collision. Cam just spotted a crash in San Jose involving a motorcycle ist South bound 6 80 before Hostetter blocking the slow lane Highway Patrol says the writer is up on walking around, so hopefully that means he's okay. Your next update 6 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS. It's talk weather. Next, we're going to check in with Poul Hagen in the K p x five Weather Center Paul The Fog retreated just a little bit farther today, but.

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