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Your to support. And you listen. I need you. I need the feedback. I need to see your instagram stories. I need to see on twitter. I need to see everywhere. I'm so excited you know baby boy got some new music and second one. The church announcements. I just want to give a warm hearted. Thank you to everyone that has supported me and purchase my purple Pants Protection Mask. This weekend. I sold out. I'll have no more baby boy and sold out and I was like order more but I said no way. I'm not even GonNa do all of that. I am just very happy that my first batch sold out you know that just let you all know when they put some stuff out. Y'All can't be way in. Don't wait on it. You gotTa jump up on it you gotta get up on it so I just wanted to say. Thank you to everyone who supported and you know. It's a good cause because everyone is staying safe. We need to wear these face masks during this cove in nineteen. Because there's some serious stuff out here but we can get through it together and that is going to conclude this week's church announcements disappear. Great Stupa bed. Who took enough a great student and we are back this week with Artha -vivor news but bay. I'm so excited because listen with the way survivor has been these last couple of weeks. They've been turning up the heat so I figure why not turn up the heat this week. So let's welcome back our resident reporter Jack Atkins Jack Baby boy are you there. What's going on but it's how you doing. I am great and wait a minute. Why here at knock at the door? Alexis Alexis Mex- well from Thi- survivor. Cottage on his bets. You that isn't me. Hey Hey Alexis how are you? I'm good. I'm so excited to be on the PODCASTS. At the jazz career beauty reunion how. I'm starting to feel more and more beautiful by the second right now is so exciting. Alexis how are you doing? How have you been good? Just quarantine playing a lot of animal. Crossing watching a lot of survivor. Oh No you. Have you been quarantining with just me and my fiance Evan? And our two dogs which are keeping me sane for sure that is so exciting and are have you been keeping up to date with the season. Are you up to date with winners? Air War yes I am. I watch every episode live. I tweet live even though my two and sometimes just like my brain thoughts right there but yeah. I'm up to date but I still remind her what happened last last Wednesday because sometimes I forget yes. Well listen I think baby boy Jack Atkins got US cover so jack. What you've got it. Listen I think the first thing I want to talk about is the challenge this week. Where Bryce also shadow? It for taking over the survivor instagram last week. But doing the challenge on there to where you know you got the water bucket over the head. You're on a perch on. We see this week. A man and a woman are eligible to win immunity. Two of the players are going to be immune and we also see wants. It gets down to five people. Jeff brings out the peanut butter cookies the chocolate all the fixings and we have several people. Step Down Nick step down we have Michelle. Saddam we have Kim stepped down and ultimately this week. We see Kim go home and she clearly regret stepping down. Bryce what did you think of stepping down in this episode? And what do you think of stepping down sitting out of challenges in general guys? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Well I definitely felt like winners aboard two million dollars. Bay To only way. I'm sitting down if if if I'm Joe England and pass the hell out data if that's how I'm sitting down okay. I step for notes. Who MILLION DOLLARS? Okay no peanut butter cookies. No pizza nerve. They case the D. is a different story story. Alexis which shooting girl. I just think it's definitely strategic sometimes and I think there's cases where like if you have a joe on your season and you know this is me personally. I feel like there will be some challenges where I would know that. I have zero shot of winning this against that person. Granted in this one it was a women and female are female a male winner so like no shot that I would ever have stepped down. Didn't go for six hours before with poverty in the original. Yeah it's like you gotta fight two million dollars no jokes. I agree with Bryce like if I if I think I have a chance of winning. It even the slightest chance. You GotTa fight it the to me. It's like in the challenges were Jeff gives the option before the challenge to sit down and eat. If I see this challenge and I know it's something I'm not going to be successful at and I don't feel like I'm in danger than yeah maybe I sit out. Get some grubbing me. But if I'm in the middle of the challenge Kim or even neck where it's down to two people from my gender balance out. I don't think I'm stepping out there because clearly I do a decent job. I Know Kim after the episode said that she felt like she's about to fall so she wanted to get some food out of it. But I mean ultimately you gotTa keep pushing until you really really know your hundred second fall because when it's down to two people with two million dollars you could buy a lot of peanut butter and a lot of cookies with two million dollars sow for Sharon I would be saying. My head is two million dollars two million dollars for hours. That's what I would say final eight so it's crunch time you really gotta like push if it's the final thirteen and you're not worried than maybe but final eight. Everyone's going to be in danger especially when two people are immune. Yeah for sure but I mean moving forward after that we see Tony when his third straight immunity which is absolutely crazy. Denise picks up another immunity she might be the Queen of these Split Gender immunities because she won that. I won on the poll. Jeremy but then we start getting a lot of strategy here in Kim's original plan of gunning for Tony's obviously off the table It looks like the targets turning towards Jeremy Which ends up changing later. But it Kinda comes down to Jeremy and Kim with Jeremy Tony and Sarah on one side and then the other five on the other side. But I just want to touch on Ben's game quickly because we haven't talked a whole lot about Ben and I'll be honest and I like Ben as guy so I hope this is the purple podcast but I don't he doesn't take it personally but I really think he is making a lot of mistakes here for one. You just saw this episode of. There's a little bit of an idol blunder when he finds the idol. Right in front of Tony and Jason. What are you doing it right here? He's all my my bad. Additionally like he won't talk to Jeremy which I think is the biggest flaw here one. It's like when you don't have an open relationship with pretty much. Everyone in the game. That's GONNA corner you into a very tight strategic position because you have a limited amount of people to work with plus. It's just kind of like rude to Jeremy. Jeremy's is a great guy. Don't know why it's almost like Dan. Ben Wanted Jeremy Out and because Jeremy didn't go out like willingly now. Ben Is pissed shows more going on that. But it's just like jammies trying to make that men the relationship and dentists not having it and also now maybe a Guy. You're trying to put on the jury. Do you really want a jury member? Just absolutely loath you lake. That's just bad. Jerry Management and then also. I think in preparation for this vote Dan. Dan Thinks Nick is going to be voile after this. Vote if Jeremy Goes Home I think. That's just a really bad misread on knicks game. Play like why. Why wouldn't they want to go to the end with Tony? Sara and Dan when you go to the Michelle Denise. It just doesn't make sense to me. What do you guys think about? Ben's game right now well I mean. I actually spoke to Ben this week. He called me so we actually had a lovely conversation. I'm so there's lots of breakdown of what you just said. So one I think that idol plunder like I mean he he tried his best but obviously was not descend enough also. I think that it's important. I think Alexis than I Can touch on this from our own game and Kagi on. It is definitely important to talk to people on your tribe even if you're mad at him because I definitely know that when you're playing the game although it's easy for us to sit at home and wash them but like why aren't you talking but baby what. I'm trying to tell you when emotions are running high. You really kind of forget that you're playing a game and even for Alexis deny like Alexis than I when we were on Kagi on we probably were the closest people in camps. Like when I mean we slept together. We didn't sleep together all the time but di woke up every day. We talked we laughed. We like had the best time but when it came to talk strategic we never ever ever ever talked and I always pose some type of way about Alexis for that. Because I'm like. Why does she talk to me about strategic like? I don't understand and I just felt like she was one of Lj's minions and I'm like okay and then were came to me from. Jeff Fra Dad. She was got in for me so baby if you come in for me. I'm coming for you. Guns Blaine Phrase france-presse episode back. It happened the opposite. I Geoffrey till us. You were coming from me. I I've never ever was targeting. You until Jeffrey told me that about a year. So that's how that went down for sneaky. She did. She was the one those leaking information all around. I didn't even realize but I agree with you. I had. I made that mistake at our first beach and when I went to a party I was just to like afraid of having my core alliance. See me talking to other people which is a very rookie thing for share and thinking that I'm playing multiple signs like I didn't WanNa rock the boat and our first beach like I knew I was in a comfortable position. That's part of the reason why didn't but when I got to the second page it really bit me in the ass. Because I didn't even talk to like my core are my original beauty members that much because I knew that they weren't planning to work with me but if I if we gathered some information together we would have had a much better gameplay. We ended up having with the brains on our side. Even remember like. I don't know if you remember this Alexis. But after like they after we lost challenge and we got back to the beach and you know someone went for a walk. We were all sitting by the fire and you know you Jeremiah. Jeff Fra. You all went to walk down by the beach. And then I was sitting with L. J. And then Eljay went down to walk by the beach and I'm just literally sitting by the fire and watching you guys talk and this is like one of the things that I regret the most about myself. I ever play with you guys that like. I am literally like watching you guys at the beach. Talk obviously bit. You know you guys are staying me. And what a difference. It would have made first of all if Spicy Bisi when it came on out because I wanted to bring him out so bad but I was so worried about like how people would perceive me but I wish I would have walked down to the beach and been like Worcester. T what's going on. Why are you guys fluting like you know what I mean? I wish I would have blown up so much because that really could've opened the opportunity for us to talk. They could open opportunity to show like you Jeremiah. For Life I know little girl sitting on the side of the bench. Like I'm ready to play and I like that is just like one of my biggest regret. So I definitely relate that to ben like where even if you don't like Jeremy is information in the game of survivor is so crucial. So yeah he definitely is missing out on opportunities. Also WanNa bring up one point. Sorry Boyd Bad. Jeremy is the king of skating out of getting voted.

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