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Public bride retired professor at Beloit. College is also one of the creators of the mindset list, Memphis college for incoming college freshmen that list is sort of a generational glue Elba. Geezers understand kids. It's the new book, ask Dr glue available on Amazon and written by. Dr glues spokesman, Tom McBride, for example, take snail mail snail mail, because they were real advantages to snail mail for one thing, if under snail mail, you got bad us you always use that sits at four or five days for the letter to get there. The us was probably better by the time you've got the bad news, all the mail snail or otherwise, Dr glue gets a young woman who was in the attic, one day looking for something. And she found a principal with an extremely long cord. She was very perplexed by bones. Also upset one millennial visiting his grandparents his grandparents didn't have a cell phone. They just outta ground phone, but this young millennials trying to get their attention. And, and they said, we can't talk to you. Now, we're on long distance better ask Dr glue remember, when folks, let the phone ring forever. The phone and it rings it rings and it rings, but you know as long as you don't have fail, you, you have some hope that eventually, it'll be answered. Now the kids are trying to explain to the geezers, how to Skype digital evidence can get over that hump. They will find that, you know, being able to Skype and that sort of thing with their grandchildren, or, or their children can be a great benefit again. The book asked Dr glue by Tom McBride is with able on Amazon, Dr glue. You man, he is the expert, he calls himself an expert by the way, ex hyphen SP, or t although how long before you'll have to become doctor velcro, the offbeat, I'm Jim Bohannon, the former host of this old house TV's Bob Vila is seventy three today. Actress Nicole Kidman is fifty to America in the morning for Thursday June twentieth. Twenty nineteen is produced by TJ Katini associate producer Cathy, Johnson production assistance. Alex simpson. I'm John trout. Westwood One news. Capital One presents at thirty second audio tour of Ireland. Berries? Go charming, kessel terming, castle, terming castle, charming castle term, casper..

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