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Says she supports the DA's efforts to hold police officers accountable. Portland police say the officers who resigned from the rapid response unit will continue performing regular duties. Suspected tornado created by Tropical Storm Claudette has destroyed or badly damaged at least 50 homes happened in a small town in Alabama. Unfortunately, we have more days ahead for the nation's record breaking heat wave. Incredible heat all out Across parts. The West got to 1 19 and Palm Springs 1 17 in Phoenix. 1 13 in Vegas. 1 17 is your all time ever high temperature in Vegas? You get the idea. It's really hot there. We got another couple really hot days to get get through here got excessive heat warnings in place, and that is especially across Parts of Arizona but now in across areas of Utah, much Nevada and into California, Fox meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, even though the FBI advises businesses not to pay a ransom to hackers who crippled their networks. There may be one small benefit to doing so, according to an Associated Press survey of tax experts. Ransomware payments are probably tax deductible. I'm Roger Stern. Fox News. This news brought to you by Edelman Financial engines this afternoon will be hot and sunny with a high of 98 degrees. Tonight we'll see mostly clear skies with some areas of low clouds low of 74 degrees and tomorrow will be very hot with scattered clouds high of 99 degrees in low of 78. I'm Isaac Crestor connect with us at NewsRadio. K. L b j dot com The armor. Men's health. Our is brought to you by urology specialists for questions during the week. Call us at 5122380762.

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