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Lines from Westwood One news Hong Kong police using tear gas and batons fought off protesters as they tried to break through a police cordon that is trapping hundreds of them on a university campus the protesters advanced on the police from outside the cordon while others emerge from the campus holding their trademark in braille as some of the protesters have been arrested it's not clear if any of those inside Hong Kong polytechnic university escaped we'll be going live to Hong Kong later this morning impeachment witnesses and hearings are entering a crucial second week as Democrats are set to hear from eight witnesses about president trump's dealings with Ukraine house speaker Nancy Pelosi says the president is welcome to appear before investigators or to answer any questions in writing Fresno California police say ten people were shot at a backyard football watch party last evening four of them died police seven going door to door seeking surveillance footage and witnesses to get information on the suspect who is said to have approached the party on foot and fired a congressional watchdog says at least sixty percent of the U. S. Superfund sites are vulnerable to flooding or other worsening disasters related to climate change the report being released today says the trump administration's reluctance to acknowledge global warming is deterring efforts to safeguard these toxic sites North Korea has responded to it tweet by president trump that hinted that another summit with north Korean leader Kim Jong un the north Korean response as they have no interest in quote giving trump further meetings to brag about unless they get something substantial in return global stock markets have been mixed so far on Mondays rather cautious trading this after Wall Street closed the week with a new milestone the S. and P. Dow and nasdaq are now all up by more than twenty percent for the year U. S. stock futures are showing slight gains this morning coming up on seventeen past the hour on first light as Robert worked and joins us Robert with a full stack of things to get through from the weekend's world of sports indeed big weekend on the NFL front Sunday the ravens ran roughshod over the Texans forty one seven Lamar Jackson fired four touchdown passes Gus Edwards had a sixty three yard scoring run the defense at seven sacks and forced to turn over almost one six in a row Gallo's ground the line thirty five twenty seven dak Prescott threw for four hundred forty four yards and three scores colts trample the Jaguars thirty three thirteen Jonathan Williams and Marlon Mack each rush for over a hundred yards three different banks scored for in the bills drill the dolphins thirty seven twenty Josh Allen accounted for four touchdowns three passing one running likings rally from down twenty to nothing at the half the book the Broncos twenty seven twenty three Toppin's flatten the Panthers twenty nine to three Matt Ryan pastors are internal eleven yards the defense racked up four pics and five sacks the same plan the Bucks thirty four seventeen drew Brees three TD passes James Winston at two TV's for Tampa Bay but four interceptions one of them or turn fifty five yards by Marcus Williams for the clinching touchdown just doubled up the Redskins thirty four seventeen for scoring passes for Sam colonel raiders of the bangles seventeen ten Cincinnati drops and ten patriots as the eagles seventeen ten the winning touchdown pass from Julian element to Phillip Dorsett I'm used to saying Tom Brady well twenty years forty Niners came back to clip the cardinals thirty six twenty six impact they had to come back twice in order to do that give a grappler for twenty four yards passing yards and four touchdown passes Sunday night games all the rams beat the bears seventeen seven Monday night the chiefs and Chargers will meet in Mexico City college football Alabama quarterback to a talk of I love lost for the year with a hip injury in their win over Mississippi state thirty eight to seventy dislocated his hip and there's reports that he also has a fracture in the push the rear wall of the hip hello surgery today in Houston number one LSU number two Ohio state number three times or all winners in number for Georgia clinched the SEC east by beating Auburn twenty one to fourteen to all unbeaten teams went down number eight Minnesota lost that Iowa and tenth ranked Oklahoma came back from down twenty three hand Baylor its first lost thirty four to thirty one at the the races the NASCAR at homestead Miami the final race Kyle Busch won his second championship to go with the title that he won four years ago certainly.

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