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The derby ended. There is no crater feeling. So, but you know, I think he's got some great horses. He's a great owner. You'll be there again. And you know, you feel for the Jason service foreign to you know, what a unbelievable job from the groom hot Walker the excise writer everybody in the barn to to to. He was definitely the best source that day, and you feel for them. But but insists more the jockey doing what if the horse just does this. Or did you think the jonky did this? I think it was mainly horse. And and I'm not sure what he shied from. Whether it was the noise of the crowd or a little, you know, standing water somewhere there that kinda spooked away from a little bit. But yeah, I think it was mainly and he was kinda in control of the race. So those horses that shift a little bit behind him. I thought maybe could have kept their position if they would. To say back a little bit or or you know, they were kinda right on his on his bed their horses head right on his hip a little bit, which you know. I would say could be something they might not have wanted to do in those conditions. But at the end of the day, thank God, all the horses and jockeys came back safe. And and you know, you just really feel for them and credit to Bill Maher and his team for what they did with country house. And and you know, it'll be interesting as we move forward watching all these nineteen horses where they go from here. Would you have wanted to win under those circumstances? Oh god. I wanna win. No matter what. That is awkward, you know, you wonder what that winter circle picture on their walls gonna look like they're obviously going to you know, delete the maximum security. Probably they're gonna do some photo shop in there. But you know, I think just the whole build up and getting worse in the derby is just such a thrill, and you know, to to have a horse runs second and get D queued up. You gotta just be, you know, just so pull a joy and and and excited. Hopefully, he comes back and runs huge Preakness nettle really validate, the amazing horse is he's not running in the Preakness. Country house all country houses, I'm maximum security is not I know, and I think that is partly I bet ya. I think Mr. Gary west is just probably wanting to sit out a little bit and not wanting to bring him back over there in two weeks. But I wish you he would it would be great to feel to horses hooked back up for the Preakness. What's the craziest thing you've ever witnessed either you know during a race or after a race at the track. But I mean if see jockeys getting fights after the race. That's always entertaining. That's a fun to see. The. You've seen horses coming down the lane head to head and one reach over and bite. The other one was doing Lucas had a great. Of course, they Marfa that was known for biting competition. So I see some some wacky things. Someone reminded me that I think it was eighty six thirty seven that bet twice bumped Alysheba few times down the lane and Alysheba finally got to lead in one race or or that or that would have been one that might have got d queued up if that twice would have faith in front of Alysheba. So that it's a it's a great race for so many reasons, and yeah, just really feel for the team service and team west Doug good do check in with you. Hope you're well. And we appreciate your time anytime. Thanks for having me, Dan. Thanks, Doug, O'Neill, two-time Kentucky, Derby winner. Jeff in Detroit joins us. Hi, jeff. What do you have for me today? Hey, what's going on just piggyback on what you just got finished talking about? First of all the interview with Jose Jackson was out of sight out of bed. Dan, you hear with the host thing Jackson junior. How no. And I figured if he's doing I'm gonna be pissed dating. A man. I love that brother. Thank you. Let me ask you this question. Would you rather be maximum security owner 'cause I mean from not one this is all we're gonna be talking about in reference to the two thousand nineteen the guy wins little.

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