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Set the is that the publisher of the new york times jeremy peters so steve bannon walks into the new york times building in midtown manhattan what happens he gets out of his black car and immediately out on the sidewalk someone boos him he he walks up to me in the lobby i shake his hand area publisher he meant to meet with oh you're going to meet him we'll go this way and then i took steven to the elevator and we headed straight up to the 16th or for this paper every day you of tenders old was a paperwork route refer after that it was ago we walk down the hall and sat down for what ended up being a far longer interview then neither of us into speight about an hour and fifteen minutes we're here you are behind enemy lines i don't think i expected to see that i'm shortly some blowback of the asian or reports in the job there are shorter thoroughbred is a which expect if you were pictures of stalin and mao on the wall the the news balance jimmy what his bannon then up to since he left his job at the white house steve bannon has been busy building what he hopes will be a shadow party within the republican party that eventually becomes the new party as a navy captain he is fond of speaking in combat metaphors everything is war and destruction and that's what steve said the day he left the white house he was declaring war on the political establishment every day since then he's been holding meetings with people he hopes will be soldiers in that were steve bannon the president's chief strategist is out the house according to axios breitbart operations are planning to goals thermonuclear against globalists that batum in his friends believe are ruining the trump administration senator corker stepped down today he's not going to run a free election.

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