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Is democracy now about put us under a bridge where we slept and then we were taken to jail in texas. I spent five days in jail. Look what they gave us a blanket to sleep on the. Us is deporting hundreds of haitian asylum seekers from a makeshift camp of fifteen thousand people under a bridge in texas despite protests from haiti which is facing a mounting humanitarian and political crisis following a devastating earthquake and the assassination of its president will go to del rio texas for the latest. Then we speak to an abortion provider in texas over the states near total ban on abortions over the weekend one texas doctor revealed he'd provided an abortion in open defiance said the law then we look at the deadly consequences of vaccine inequality more than five point. Seven billion does have been administer. Globally only two percent of those have been adam stood in africa. This leaves people at higher risk of disease and exposed to a deadly virus against which many other people around the will enjoy protection. We go to india. Where groups are calling on johnson and johnson to stop exporting indian made vaccines to wealthy nations including the united states that a time when hundreds of millions of people remain unvaccinated india as well as in africa all that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org the warren peace report. I mean he could. The pentagon acknowledged friday the us drone strike that killed ten civilians including seven children in afghanistan in the final days of the us. Withdrawal was a tragic mistake. The pentagon previously asserted. The strike prevented an imminent threat by isis. K fighters but investigations quickly revealed the victims. Were instead aid. Workers tomorrow ahmadi and his family members his family's demanding a probe into the killing. This is his brother ramallah. A baby should accept impede their damages. They should come to me and apologized and offer condolences. They should pay blood money. We are innocent as you should evacuate us in washington. Dc lawmaker said they would investigate the deadly strike while activists renewed calls for an end to us drone warfare. In other news from afghanistan most secondary classes resumed without female students as their fate remains unclear unto the new taliban leadership who only explicitly ordered male students to return to the classroom. Some boys refused to attend class until all students were allowed to return. Meanwhile the taliban mayor of kabul female municipal workers not to come to work on sunday. Women activists rallied in front of the building which used to house the ministry of women's affairs in kabul and agency. The taliban has done away with that. You cannot suppress the voice of afghan women by keeping girls at home and restricting them as well as by not allowing them to go to school. He cannot suppress the voice of afghanistan's women by turning the ministry of women into a ministry of the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice cannot suppress denniston women. Meanwhile aljazeera reports at least seven people were killed after a series of blasts in kabul in the eastern city of jalalabad. Saturday isis k. claimed responsibility for the attacks. The biden administration sent three deportation flights to haiti sunday as part of its efforts to speed up the mass expulsion over fourteen thousand haitian asylum-seekers who've been staying in a makeshift camp under a bridge. In del rio texas for days. The flights each carried at least one hundred forty five asylum-seekers more flights are expected to depart in the coming days. Haitian officials have urged the us to stop the deportations warning. They don't have the resources to assist. The incoming asylum seekers as haiti is still reeling from last month's catastrophic earthquake immigrant. Justice advocate splash the biden administration for launching. What could be one of the most abrupt and largest mass deportations of asylum seekers or migrants in decades. This is a haitian asylum-seeker and del rio de todd. I don't want to be deported. If i'm deported. Now i'll die in haiti. Why because there's no security. In haiti they are bandits. There's civil war every day. Civil war with the police with the bandits police civil war very complicated. Because there's no leadership. In haiti there's nothing rights. Groups are also denouncing the us government's ongoing attempts to block ation asylum seekers from applying for refuge. Which is a violation of international law. We'll go to del. Rio texas after headlines in another blow for immigrant rights. The senate parliamentarian ruled sunday. Democrats cannot create a pathway to citizenship for millions of people as part of their three point five trillion dollar spending bill democrats were hoping to pass the measure which could grant citizenship to immigrants with temporary protected status or tps essential workers farmworkers those brought to the us this children bypassing the package through reconciliation without republican support. Democrats say they'll keep fighting for comprehensive immigration reform advisors to the food and drug administration recommended. Booster shots of the pfizer. Cove nineteen vaccine for people sixty five and older and those who are high risk of developing severe infections. The recommendation is far more limited than president. Biden's previously announced plan to offer boosters to anyone who already received two shots meanwhile pfizer announced. Their co vaccine is safe for children aged five to eleven and generates a strong immune response visor hopes to receive emergency use authorization soon in california fire crews are battling large wildfire in the sierra nevada. Mountains that's threatening sequoia national park home to the world's most massive trees over the weekend firefighters rap protective aluminum foil blankets around old growth sequoias including one nicknamed general sherman. The world's largest tree by volume the knp complex fire has grown to over twenty one thousand acres and is just three percent contained. The united nations warns the planets on course for catastrophic global temperature rise of two point seven degrees celsius. Even if nearly two hundred you and member states meet their stated goals for cutting emissions. That's far beyond the one point. Five degree goal of the paris climate accord and would mean a massive loss of lives and livelihood with whole ecosystems collapsing amidst deadly heat waves powerful storms and rising sea levels on friday. President biden unveiled a plan by the us and europe to cut global methane emissions by thirty percent by.

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