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Five year. old gelding last judgement. And also there's jungle fighter That carrie raven sends out last seen woodbine last With michael doyle going back to last year. This is a five year old. Now gelding gelded over. The winter lightly raced five year old by animal kingdom so whoever in the racing office had to beat the bushes. You did okay. This is an interesting race. It goes fairly early on the card to eighteen post for the great three challenger As part of this this tampa card and then to round things out new york the gotham nice group and everybody that was expected turned up. led by highly motivated certainly Three year old debut lasting on the breeders cup undercard winning the nyquist and chad. And seth clark this is back. This is the clermont home to that was bought back and capital cain and capital gains presence. I think people are going to gloss over him after the withers but he ran fine. The withers and cuts back to the one turn mile configuration. Where you know. He was so successful in the jerome. So capital kane. I may be may. I'm not gonna slip through the cracks. But i think he could be. I think he could be A little of the value baffert of course with fighter. He's going to get these classes. That here bringing in a string of bullets jimmy jerkins with chiefs woods home-bred way burn draws the outside n-. There's no there's no post issues with this One turn mile at the big. A chat ended up entering another horse. Crowded trade and Maiden winner the end of january also clarify which this was. This was that The one out of that jumpstart mayor maud s The more than ready cold and then kimmel with the reds and pletcher with atlantic road for starlight the fun fund group. The tom fool got nice. set a six in the tomfool. The butcher and the heavenly prize so nice And you might have seen yesterday. Wants tampa wants tampa got their draw in. You might have seen the. I put together. Put out the cross country. Pick five on steaks cross country. Pick five that is going to essentially be run in like an minutes post time. Four twenty five and the next. The bottom posed is five twenty five. So this'll be really fun. The hillsborough the heavenly prize. The florida oaks. The gotham and the tampa bay derby makes up the fifteen percents takeout retail. Only naira bets cross country picnic tomorrow tomorrow. Either one of the things. I think you're going to have to really do is figure out how you want to attack the day And and certainly and i got some contests we gotta get some contest conversation. And because It's a big contest. Saturday including the first free contest from the anti. Ira five seats free. No don't nothing other than being other than being tour member So the first of the four free contests five seats on saturday and we'll watch for the for the race choices and expressed bats got the ultimate betting challenge on saturday Plenty of opportunity there and naira with the gothic challenge. So we'll get all those details in. And i should also mention. I did have an exchange with jim goodman this week. He's he he's basically Had a little little vacation. I think jim getting a little sun and fun in a while he can and He opens up the registration for the grade. One gamble opens tomorrow and there is an jim. Jim said. let me that really should look because i think. Jim said he would be available today or tomorrow. And.

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