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Have that actual realization of like nintendo's knows what they're doing and we're just trying to make money never the thing about nintendo is they are never reactionary yeah they never like like they are to sort of like blazing there jill like ocean mars not doing well we have to make halo we have to do station no they've yeah they've guns and like the switches like the the thing for me it's interesting because now that i'm thinking about it i'm realizing that a little bit mario odyssey feels like a successor to tilt and tumble because it is it is kind of like we're still playing mario we're still doing the merger sixty four thing but with the hat mechanic introduced and the way you flick the hat and everything the controls it feels like this new evelyn of it that brings in that kind of like changing the medium came totally yes yes yes guys just think about that thing about how many games players like we have to have the plot and then the game mechanics and experience an rpg and then we're we're going with this right through his hat and then we just showed them all the other nintendo games at everybody loves and that's going to be the game that's fucking oeste holy i'm like such an intendo boy purist like i love my ps four right now i'm playing i'm finishing up persona five really my second play everybody's chester obsessed with this game we the best games ever game or you i i'm just at the what's what's the final politician guy's name yeah okay i'm at that i died twice and oh i haven't like died at a boss right until now yeah it's kind of cool yeah so you are i've got one more palace left after that when i would say you are eighty percent of the way through the game and it's an i feel like i've been with the scheme for fucking age of me a hundred hours to complete it it's hilarious on ninety ninety five we sat down and i was like thinking he's like i loved it one hundred hours i'm never gonna play it again he's like a month later i'm so obsessed because they're so which replay value so much i found a confident that i didn't even know existed what who wait who politician oh the guy the guy the train station this and missed him entirely oh my god he's great and he is he's a good story oh have good the they all have good stories such a good game oh my god guys now get why would bring it up all the time in fact i will say urine intendo purist and you love jr jeez there's a there's a new blades no there's there's a jr peachy coming up for the switch that has eight different paths you can take in the game he just sent me today that was our fan all drennan thanks synthesis game i have to oh oh man with that is i'm gonna take a second right now because eddie lease know edit this out just we edit out all your very very angry tirades just i did yell at brad did on our podcast earlier would you the segment thinks honey where we rant about something like passionately and i i took brett to task for having styrofoam cups in this office said how dare you because you're a teen creeps your yellow for being on instagram every right to be on instagram you have to understand breda's like the the best guy he's amazing we love total sweethearts and he was also on our show where we were down in austin and your timing sd cards i love it it's like when you talk about sdr octo path traveler i heard where next jay or tradition tune intendo that is the polygon article i love it i love it already old i'm even like the lowest concept air pg like dragon quest eleven like i can't wait like i'll i'll buy that for me ps four like.

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