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We'll see what happens with him. Jason gerrad done for the year. We know that but Joey Bosa. Now, this one may be Trump's. Yeah, Joey. That was what you. It seemed at least the twenty eighteen everybody picking the chargers to go to the Super Bowl. Myself included was predicated in large part on Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram and company. Just not having an answer. We have a state. What did it come from his it snuck up on me. It happened in week, one of training camp, right? And he basically sat out the rest of training camp and then he just came back here right before week one. And on Wednesday, they going into the game against the chiefs left practice, and they said that it wasn't a re injury, but it was a new injury. And now this week just yesterday, he went to see the the foot specialist out there in Green Bay Dr Anderson. And apparently it has been diagnosed as a bone bruise, and he is listed as week-to-week. I don't know if you read into that that that's good that it's not like there. I think there was some concern that it might be a list, Frank injury. I was just going to say, you never know. I talk about a plague. This Liz Frank lady is I don't know what she why she. Hates football much, Liz, Frank. That's why probably invented this. This injury. People like, well, my parents named me, Liz, I'm gonna take it out on plus sized fellas, play football them, the Liz franker so there. I guess that's the good news. The bad news is they're still not kind of sharing. I think everything because there is some serious. It seems like there's some concern there, but look if there without both for the first five, six weeks. I think they can maybe navigate three, two, two and three. But if he's gone the whole season, yeah. I mean, you're probably shifting from an eleven and five to nine and seven kind of year and really borderline playoffs. I mean, he's that good it just and we saw it against the chiefs. I mean, they shifted all their protection, the tight end to Melvin Ingram and they're like, yeah, good luck. Let's see what Isaac, Rochelle and Chris Landry. Mm-kay. Adjusting on the fly. I can let the chargers off the hook for not doing it there, but I, you know, I think it would surprise a lot of people if they didn't. I don't care by hook or by crook out what the final scores that. Chargers have to go be able to go up to buffalo you that game in the kids debut, you should be able Melvin. Ingram should be enough to harass the the Josh Allen. I think it's the right move by the way, right? We're the why? Why are you gonna stay with Nate Peterman. I mean, so you don't get Josh Allen killed. I know people say that, but like you hear that about baseball pitchers. Don't put them out on the hump too early because it's going to affect them cycle. I'm talking physically, I'd say. You're talking about that physically that is a team whose offense of line was just kind of pieced together this year. I mean, I think they have seven of eleven new starters on defense. A lot of them are undrafted free agents or just kind of like journeyman free agents. I mean, look, it's just odd because it was a team that looked pretty darn good. Last year I went to play knocked off, right and wholesale changes that make it appear, who knows what happens in the games, but on paper make it appear like, okay, this probably your favorite. For the number one pick I understand why the raiders moved on to Jon Gruden. They wanted the the shiny bobble that's been sitting up in a broadcast booth for a decade or or thereabouts. I get why they did it. But this overhaul of a team that was probably along with the patriots, the favourite to get to the Super Bowl in December twenty months ago seems a little rash to me, but they seem like another team that is. Whether it makes sense or not. They're just now in full on rebuilt because Jon Gruden thinks they need to be. It's weird speaking of the chiefs real quick and all things. AFC west. One thing Reggie Wayne did say that was an interesting point..

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