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The low thirty four degrees a slight chance of snow showers on wednesday into the afternoon cloudy skies a high of only forty cloudy thursday a high in the mid thirties and then sunshine returns friday a high in the mid 40s that's the forecast from your severe weather station newsradio 700 wlw it is forty degrees right now new numbers released in butler county showed that overdose deaths in creed increased by twenty percent last year in fact a large part of the country saw an increase in overdose in the government report shows emergency rooms of saw a big jump in overdoses late last summer up thirty percent compared to the same threemonth period in 2016 and even more worrisome is the cdc says that number is likely an undercount since its king system only covers about sixty percent of your visits nationwide the agency says the biggest spikes in overdoses occurred in the midwest and in cities while the report doesn't break down the type of opioid used it says opioids were involved in two thirds of all overdose deaths in 2016 mark remillard abc news making the temporary fix a permanent solution the boone kenny board of education says that there will be a sheriff's deputy at all boone kelley county elementary schools full time starting next school year the oakley community council met this evening to discuss the recent traffic study done by fc cincinnati the teams president says road improvements are needed if anyone develops the area that is now been earmarked for a new soccer stadium we have a great fight and oakley but we did the kerrmuir or we're going to continue to evaluate the west and the new because you know we we promise the residents have oakley and an unsafe city council that we acknowledge that there's a lot of traffic in oakley and in we'd want to make sure that we're not adding to it that's fc cincinnati president jeff a burning there will be indoor air conditioned seeding for the western and southern tennis tournament this summer structure in on the south building is cruising along will science with a western in southern open tennis tournament says their brand new twenty five million dollar building we'll be opening time for this year's tennis tournament in august the from the granvia level give outdoor seat the pay centrecourt give a big concession area indoors and then you have a porch on the backside that faces grandstand.

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