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Okay well anyhow. They are homes. If you wanna find sean just call him at his house or self number. I sent him lots of text messages. I believe on now blocked. You get back. Who's this new phone. Who's this i said it's amateur and max and then response and that was a good deal four five months ago. So i'm you know what's creek without a paddle and it's been tough communicating with the team. So i send messages. Through through steve nash. The head coach. Sometimes if i want to get a message to the guys Because the they'll they know who he is because he plied in the nba did as well but nobody really cares. Apparently because i can't talk to my own damn roster on persona non grata in this building and If we don't want to championship next year i'm going to go down as the biggest failure new york sports history so anyway next question. Let's keep it rolling here. This wonderful day as we sift through the disaster that this season was for with orgainzation. That joe saw back to l. o. Mr solana's you spend a lot of money to put together this team that got knocked out in the second round gripe tonight phoenix game to western finals. Sons in clippers. No kawhi leonard knee. Injury and chris paul. He is not playing either for the sons because of the covert status. There's been no change there and becky hammon. Apparently a finalist for the blazers head coaching job. So she is interviewing for second or third time. I forget what it was So legit shot for horror in that spot. baseball wise. Mets beat the braves. Four to jacob. Degrom the story five innings one hit ball. Couple of walk six strikeouts. The story. only through seventy pitches but he is seven to ziara to zero point. Five zero louise. Ross had a watchful eye paying attention of each pitch. There were some that sailed with unusual for him especially when his a breaking ball. Yes bites him at times but not not going on sale. So i was always checking and i was wondering but nothing alarming. Nothing alarming. so that's a good thing is fifteen. Save kyle muller in his first big-league start suffered the loss. It was not ian. Anderson like hour warm-up show. Let's not hold us now. Anderson display next game the next game but he did not start against a graham anderson five and a third innings and the second game for the win as the braves blank. The mets young nothing..

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