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And Nicholas Rosen help you out every weekend here on this show, and we always take a look at the emails of the week and plenty going on in the E mail bag, and Nicholas is here, and he's playing Mr Mom this weekend, so we may get a We may get an appearance from Young Johannes if we're lucky here, But Nicholas, what's the first in the emails this morning? First question one of the branches on my lemon tree. Looks like it has scales. How do I fix it as spray deed of a daughter, cultured oil or any more oil? Ever spray it on about week, ladies play it again. And be sure to spray all the sides of the leaves and the branches. They're spread all over way. Have many knockout plants and need to know. Is it too late to cut them back and preparation for spring? And can you tell me how far I can print them back? Several of them have become very large look out of place in comparison to the others. Now, the really big she is not too late is actually early. Still have it If you want to do it now, That's fine. Most of the time we wait till about the beginning of March. The you could start now already, and I would cut him back. Maybe about 14 to 16 inches couldn't way down and be sure that in the spring Give each plant at least about four ounces off guard and trust. Can you tell me when the best time and when can you cut back green giant providers? Who in giant all provided you have to prune during the groceries in Don't really do it now, no sense to do it now, anyway, because they're not really growing, so they're not going to get any bigger. In the meantime, this wait till about Say, April in April May June, and he's beginning July. You can prune them and they don't prove too much. Did you take all the green off on the outside? They always have to leave some green on the outside. Did you finish? Prune them all, some along almost How do I get a few flowers on my amarilla as the old ones die off? Does it have something to do with how I removed the dead flowers in the stock? And how much can I cut that back? In the flowers of done. You got to start back all the way down till the ballplayer leave, Maybe lot happening. So the stark only she and I McGillis some of them will make only one stem. Myself to make two stands and even free stamps. I would like if the wall is done. And there's no new ones showing yet Now you may get only one that you're going to get the leaves. So if you don't get a new stamps, you're going to get leave from there. You let to leave this grow. Feed him Every time we're in this war, they feared him at sea mate. And then in the spring time would say in May I was just playing him outside to take him out of the parts. Plant him outside in light shade have put about a tablespoon off guard and thrust around them. During a dry period for them a little bit, and the least will get real long and then in the fall in September is dig him up. Good. All the leaves off. And then for about 8 to 10 days put him in a warm place. And then what? About eight weeks in a cool place? And then you put him up against our warning him again. And then, after about six weeks, they'll bloom again. That is not that now. If the finish blooming, I could the stem offer you got more. Cuts them off again. You get more No. If you don't get more than once then, But in the next couple of weeks, you're not going to get more till next fall. We have a potted Meyer lemon in key lines. We use the fruit. They also have a foods and scale. The lemon is currently blooming. What can we do to treat it? See what since it is the fruit that you can eat. You don't want to spray any chemicals on there. Charlie, after is usually the daughter culture, oil or the name oil every time Like this. She deprived the problem. Spray him repeated about a week later. She ever just a fits there. You can actually in the springtime. I get warm enough you could make the ocean is blown off there. The scale and that you cannot blow him off of there with the water hose. You have to spray it with oil and don't use any chemicals because she will be the chemicals later on. Next question. I have a raccoon or some sort of critter digging up my lawn. I think looking for grubs. Is there some sort of anti grub treatment that I can use? Because the groups you could put a grub killer down. That is not gonna work this time of the year because the grabs a little bit deeper in the ground, and they're hibernating. They're sleeping. Shall he cannot really kill the grabs. So you can put repellent on the lawn. That is only works if you have to just small on because if you have a regular sidelong, you know a lot of cans off animal repellent. Skeletal ado. I was take one of those have a heart traps and put a piece of apple in dead or whatever, even piece of bread Because there are schools they go over anything. I discuss a racoon relocate remembering over 10 miles away or let him go again. That is either a comb or a skunk. They do that, and they're either looking for performs or grabs. Any kind of law for that's in the ground and has a look of water and it looks like they plow up the whole lawn. In one night time ever this I would recommend that together, have our trap and catch him to relocate him because the grub killer is not really gonna work this time of the year. On last week's show. Eric mentioned that you can only oversee till February. 28th. Can you please elaborate? No, you cannot do. You can oversee it anytime you want. Have it. I would do it before the end off February because if you do too late, then you have to start bordering the sheet. Also again, and I say if you wait till April. You have the water receded, violence. You do it in the wintertime. You don't have to worry about watering, put to sea down and covered a sheet that about 1/8 of an inch off leaves grow or composed of peat moss. Let nature take care of them. Have it. You can always see it almost any time. Only if you do it in the wintertime. You don't have to worry about watering. Next question. I have a yellow climbing rose that have allowed to get too tall. It's about 15 FT. Tall window. I put it back. And how far can I prove that? I was good. That thing back till about 3 ft. Because this.

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