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Or i have been left out of the whole guy listen a merlin every we talk about a law blah john is dragoje oh i didn't unlike in my sleep moslem nelly young looming become imperfect person and uh but i i min and li a little jealous a little jealous well in for a lot of reasons i think there are people who might be looking for uh the ability to track their activity their heart rate their sleep and now there's a new way to do this and it is a it is a ring a ring ring that goes on your finger thing that that kind of ring uhhuh and this is a very very cool it's 247 fitness monitoring sleep tracking all of this in what is probably one of the smallest fitness trackers like any wear a tracks like i said activity sleep and heart rate but it's just a ring it's a ring on your finger and it's very very cool it's very lightweight it's durable it's asleep design it is waterproof it's made out of titanium it can basically withstand any element that you'd be if you're willing to put your hand in it it can withstand that and it's leisurely yeah and it's less than no kidding point one inches thick and weighs less than a penny and it comes in a slate grey and our arose gold i don't know how they made this thing this small i don't know how they made it waterproof it has apparently i read about this and hasic a curved circuit board and a curved battery inside of it jiminy and and so it's uh eight syncs up with your i west device wirelessly so it uses bluetooth but i haven't noticed any effect on like battery life are using one yeah have one hundred you get one i got one from the motive behind you get the right size it's a ring all right so they send you uh an at home try on sunday send you of a sizing.

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