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That's happy and fulfilled for you. That's the whole package. And i want you to have it all and want to especially thank all of our listeners and fans in new york new york and auckland new zealand and now it's time for the conscious millionaire world-class entrepreneur expert questions. Let's start with mindset and whoever wants to chime in if you want to go back and forth leave it up to you all. What's the mindset you've developed that helps you discover your best business opportunities for many via. It's really about connecting with us. And and thinking about how can i best contribute and an adjusted a mindset of amman to the contribution is is what leads to ideas and what leads to seeing That otherwise would not have been out of say. Yeah i'm i tend to think the same thing i think my in my career my olympic dreams and my running dreams didn't seem to have purpose until we started the love messy foundation until we still i started to use running for a greater purpose than just myself when we look outside. Just alle business and the thing that we're good at and see how we can have an influence in an impact on the world around us. That's when you actually start to feel Like it's it's actually gaining some purpose. I love those answers. And now let's go to strategy that will empower entrepreneurs coaches business owners. Anyone listening to actually make more money yet. i think. Probably the seventy as we go on this job. But i think one thing is that would be really helpful is to connect with your purpose and so really connect with the uae but then in terms of strategy as zoomed right on the present moment. What is the best most most of the most important thing that you can do today. And as the discipline to continually show up and be fully prison and the moments that were n making the main thing the main thing you know and and just continually come back to the present moment and giving the best out to whatever the priority of the moment of the day is that discipline. I think is what leads to great outcomes over time. I'm curious in hearing from both of you on this question in it's what you purpose in life and i'm really interested in how they might be complementary as you work together and how did it influence you all choosing your business vision. Yeah i i think my purpose in life is to use what i'm good at to positively influence the world around me and so with your with running that. That's what i mean like. Just running found a purpose when when i was able to use it as a vehicle to help communities in in northern uganda and yeah that's yeah and you have very similar. The may it's really about getting people to become the person they want to bake. And the belay underneath that as that we all have the capacity to To really flourish in laugh to thrive.

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