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Baseball i always remember michael jordan the greatest basketball player on the planet and one of the greatest of all time and one of the great athletes in the world at the time and he decided he wanted to play baseball in honor of his father who had passed away and went to double able to play in the white sox system and he hit two all five with four home runs and fifty two fifty three rbi's although i did and that was the year of the strike in ninety four and we went to a game that he was supposed to plan on espn but it turned out he got hurt the night before so he didn't play down in memphis but tito francona was his manager and jerry told me before the game because i said that's a lot of rb is for guy who's not hitting home runs and his only hitting two oh five and hitting eighth and ninth to the lineup every night and he said well he has that ability to elevate is rough a player is you put a runner at third and one out and he finds a way to get him home so so i thought that was very interesting but but actually squaring up baseball even in the aa level for the maybe the greatest athlete in the world at that time he was having a terrible time with it so this is a different category game pitcher same thing tried to learn how to change speeds and and control the the strike zone and control the change op in in the auspey stuff to to keep those hitters balance sometimes easier said than done so baseball it takes a while there's a learning curve to baseball going from amateurs to professional and unlike i think those are the sports i agree the best thing michael jordan every day was by the team a new bus and they love they love traveling with them we we asked to michael jordan came out during the rain delay in chicago in ninety eight and and i said what was the number one thing that you learned when you play professional baseball that you didn't know before and immediately he said hitters count and i said what do you mean gator's couch and he should've how crucial it was to get the count in your favor and.

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