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Research on the little ice age hundreds of years ago. She didn't do the research of years ago, but she read about the research that was done hundred years ago, and they found that this little ice age as it's called brought colder than average temperatures around the seventeenth century. So what you're saying? Well, here's the interesting thing is that global cooling. Yeah. That's a basic level warming. A lot of people to say a lot of experts say that's what we're we're heading into think it's cyclical I do too. But you know, you're not going to you. And I are just deniers and you can't get proponents of global warming to deny their part of the banana. They found that just now after this little ice age hundreds of years ago. The bottom of the Pacific Ocean is getting colder. While the surface of the ocean. Temperatures are rising. So it took this long. Well, the Pacific Ocean is deep but still. Happened by now, you would think so I guess probably what the argument is. And it doesn't get into the specifics here. But I guess you could say, well, you know, most of the time the temperatures have been more consistent. Now, it's always going to be a little warmer near the so surface, but not far not far down. It gets darn cold. If you've ever gone diving in the ocean scuba diving or even just snorkeling you go down far enough. It doesn't take very long to get deep enough to where the water has gotten cold significantly cold. But now they're saying because of global warming, it's it's all separating into layers. So how long is it gonna take for global warming to affect the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? I don't know, but I'm sixty seven..

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