Rome, Forty Two Years discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


That when you read it, it talks about several reasons why Rome fell okay? There were a lot of reasons. Why Rome fell? But what I picked up was that he talked about the artificial supports the collapse under the sheer weight of the conquest and the lack of the resources to keep the balance in town. They overreach the overspent. They overdid it. They got fat on their own wine and the and the guys the politicians and the senators and all those people they knew that it was dead. They just danced on the corpse. Okay. So the truth really is the history of the fall of the empire. Is not how wrong fellow not how any empire falls. But exactly how they last as long as they do. Some are short lived some last a long time we lasted two hundred and forty two years a very successful empire collapses after about three hundred and some odd years, so we're at two hundred and forty two now. And we're sliding into the second decade of the new millennium. And we got people talking the talk. About state socialism. Everybody's jumping on the bandwagon. Saying we need it. We need it. We need it. We need it. Triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred. What if Donut shops were like most investment firms they'd sell one kind of doughnut and expect everyone to.

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