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More than You know more more story more part that she she gets. No the war is Roese. Cajun's survived. Yeah my son's acting like a little monster playing a game get net. That's what makes your it's like it's like the bombing of crypt operas. On smallville will save you listen Dr Relief troops art. So let's jump to another character vars as of this recording and I encourage everybody out there listening to go online. Look up one of my favorite podcast talk about it. The Guy who who hosted Joe is awesome. He's been on our show comedy central. You've count the central dot net. This week's guest his Sam Witt were and as you know James and I are both fans of Sam Westward and his work at whereabouts. Talk of his Lockwood so if you give a chance to checkout that cast please you. You won't be disappointed excellent. I'M GONNA have to go listen to that. I've got the drawn cryer episode downloaded. I haven't listened to yet. Yeah I just I just Joe. Justice shared it last night. Sam is going to be on the night shared it online. And I'm like yes. So yeah it it. Drops trump's new on Saturday. Some be listening to go to work straight. So would in this episode. His wife was just murdered last episode. And it's kind of one of those things that sucks that you can't hurt the person that wants want so you kill the innocent person in their life you know. His wife wasn't exactly innocent she. She supported deported. What he did but lockwood committed the atrocities against this area and she killed lock was wife to get back to him and you know we opened up on the funeral and the sun is talking? I'm Ben Stairs and then he just gets up and lease his wife's funeral. What did you think about that man? that was leaving his wife's funeral royal while his son is is speaking eulogy. That was pretty messed up. I mean he's going through a lot to his wife was murdered but okay make. His son's mother was murdered. Like I pretty. It's pretty selfish on On Lockwood part I mean to abandon your a child at his mother's funeral right. That's what I was thinking like. Even if you are not able to cope or for duty thing just your child like yeah you need you still need to be. You still need to be strong in in As face for your child you know what I mean. He still needs to be strong at at that point. But then you know as soon as you disappear behind closed doors in. You can't cope then you know when you can break breakdown but your child definitely needs you to to be strong in that case thought about like what would I have. You looked weird. I be and I thought about the scene. The thanksgiving scene of the movie. Four brothers If you're not a four brothers it's a great deal of them It's it's it's one of my favorite films it's actually become like my host. They S- giving film despite default by the late. John Singleton what happens. Is the brothers. Come home their mother was killed and they start to dig into it and every brother sitting at the table neighbor eating and they all look at their moms chair and they have a memory of her except the oldest brother he cannot accept. Set his mother's state right now he you know he believes it's something's wrong misset rate and it's not until they solve all of the the the murder and make peace that he finally has. His flashback monroe of his mom. And I kinda think Sim of Lockwood where he so enraged by his grief that he can't process until he gets his revenge that she's blinded by and I understand that because I think in some ways that something happened to Geneva I would be like that but the thing is in my children come first so yeah well I mean even considering talking about four brothers and stuff like that he mark Wahlberg character was the a was the strong brother who you know he away. He waited until he was in his mother's room behind closed doors before he broke down and started crying. Yes yes so. He was still being strong for the family it. That's just I think one of those you have to be as appearance. Yeah Yeah it was. It was pretty messed up that he abandoned the the funeral but he left there and he went back to the. Do trying to search for search for the alien search for the search for more aliens in search for alien who killed his wife life and to discover everything he can about Lena's work or more that he can in about Lena's work With the do and this is where he goes from being. You Know Secretary Lockwood Eh to back to agent liberty and he goes he wants he wants the experimental hair now and we see he ends up injecting himself with it. Yeah Yeah.

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