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Get ready to take on the Tennessee titans on Sunday one of their top offense of weapons is getting closer to returning to the field. We get more from KYW's Ed Bankin wide receiver all Sean Jeffrey has been cleared for contact that is hoping to play on Sunday in Tennessee coach Doug Peterson said the return of Jeffrey would be a key piece of the offensive puzzle which has been missing several parts of the first few weeks of the season. We just finally get a quarterback back, and we got some India injury the running back position receiver so just getting some continuity and some some flow with that group. Meanwhile, the status of running backs Jay giant Darren sproles will be determined later in the week would the eagles. I'm Ed Benkin KYW. Newsradio Melis go Nick on the mound tonight as they continue their series with the Rockies out in Colorado Pevez, seven and thirteen four point five eighty RA the rock. Counter with thirteen and ten right hander her mom Marquez. Millions of lost six in a row last night. The Rockies beat them tend to three and with last night's loss. Phillies dropped below five hundred for the first time since early April Phillies are seventy eight and seventy nine on the season. Tonight's game with the Rockies gets underway at eight forty soccer big night for the Philadelphia union. They visit the Houston dynamo in the final of the US Open Cup. Now the union or in this final for the third time in franchise history. They lost their first two appearances. But union midfielder, Alejandro Bedoya is looking for a much different result. This time around I think we've shown throughout this Cup that we have been the fitter team and a better team on on most of these games. So hopefully, you know, no come into play. Now, we got the result that we need and lift effort trophy to Philly union dynamo get underway tonight at eight o'clock. They national lacrosse league entry draft was last night here in Philadelphia and the expansion. Philadelphia wings used the number two overall pick on university of North Carolina star, Chris Pucci. The forward talks about what he will bring to the table. I'm a big body. So. Bring more physical game for for forward player. I use my body to get to the net. I kind of pushed through is rather than try and go around them, and I get inside once again side of software hands. So I use my hands to try and fake the golden and score who chase scored one hundred and eleven goals during his career at North Carolina's seventh most in program history. That's sports some Matt on KYW NewsRadio up next. The state supreme court hears arguments on whether the names of some clergy members in the grand jury sex report should remain blacked out. I might DeNardo Dan,.

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