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To come. Service here equipment twice a year. Haven't come check it out. Andi make sure there's gonna work the way you want to work when you need it. So have some type of maintenance program that goes along with this. Um, So there's a lot of considerations going this time of year. Judy, I assure you, you gotta wait a very long time. They have someone come to stall that generate child so be prepared. For Wait. Be patient have lots of grace. I I know that this is probably the worst time to put an honor and for generator, But guess what? I am willing to wait, but I just don't want to buy something and then say like you brought up a few points. Oh, it's too loud. It's too expensive. It wasn't I didn't have it installed by a license. Person, etcetera, So I'm willing to wait. But I want to make a wise purchase when I finally get it. Um No, but in all, Paul, What would you say that in all overall In this area. It is not a It's A. It's a pretty wise idea to consider. Considering the hurricane seasons that we can expect to have now and in the future. That house generator is is is a wise thing to consider. If you can have it. Would you say that you could? Yes, I would. If you could afford it. I think it's a great thing to have. Ah, and then it's Listen. I've We've experienced power colleges at my home in ST Tammany Parish without any Hurricane Nerys. Just all of a sudden the power goes out. So it would be nice to have a horse generator even when you're not in hurricane season because we lose power for a number of different reasons. Okay, Paul. Well, listen, Thank you Written down what you said. Now I feel that I have something to go by. And I didn't before. Have some guidelines and thank you so much. Thank you, Paul. You bet. Hey, JD. One last suggestion. I love the park on family because I think they're a family of great integrity and they do exactly what they said to do And they have everything I just described you. Is there. A standard package reached out the park heart because only to do at condition heating, but they also do whole house generators. Okay, Well, do I know you've mentioned them before? I know there were new site. So the name rings a bell. I definitely will do that. Thank you again very much, Paul. You bet, Judy. Thank you Have a great afternoon. Appreciate the phone call. Hey, if you have a question, or you want to text or call in love the numbers 50426018 72 6018 70. We're going to go to a real quick car. She'll break And when we come back, we'll continue answering your home private questions. What will happen.

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