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Wow and it's interesting. It's funny because as you get older and everything just kind of becomes a blur need. You're looking for these little mile markers in your life. I wanted we do that. Thing with ivan raimo can't cannot remember that that was it. I remember that was one of the times we were due to come up to the to the house and i don't know if that we we've gotten into it a little bit at that point. I mean we were on a rewrite of the of the script. How many scripts do you have around that you would like to do. The you have a cache of scripts that you know like to get to take so long to get anything just right in fact draft. It was one of those scripts that i didn't have to sort of start from scratch on wonderful. It was i i wrote it. Thanks ted make up a. We'll never know. Joe's dash dash year. She is awesome. They you know i was. I read it four o'clock in the morning and it was just a a spec script that had just come in it was their first grip and the dot rothman and write g. Joseph rocha joseph. And i just love it and i i knew when i finished reading it i wanted to direct it and i in fact i got to meet them just a few days after. I'd read it because it happened to be in l. a. They're both live in new york. And i said look. I'm going to make your movie. I didn't know how he's gonna make it. I knew it was gonna be really hard to put together his. Why again for what. We were talking about earlier. This is exactly the kind of movie that the students are not interested in making You know they were not necessarily incorrect. You know it didn't do particularly well at the box office theatrically well is it. Because i mean. I've i've made a movie since and done some stuff like that. And you get this sorted tween or label where you go well. It's not a sports film per se and it's not really a drama per se and got some comedy and it and they go. Twitter is they can wrap their mind around ghostbusters or they can wrap their mind around hunger games but the movies that are little more nuanced and have many elements in them. They're not sure what to do with those. At least that's my experience. I think that's partially correct and Really the major studios are making something called temple movies. Whatever that means that means. They're so big they hold up the rest of the year and now they're not even interested in the rest of the year. They're only interested in the poll right and so they're really looking for giant films that play a very well all over the world and are you. There's all different ways of raising money for films. Now i mean we might not need the big studios anymore no and we do but file unique distribution. So it's not enough just to make the film you really want. People see it now. The great news about draft is now people are discovering it. You know You know and the dvd online and all those things that you were plugging a moment ago and it's you know it's been number one for about three weeks in a row so suddenly. Oh hey this is a really good movie because adults are now starting to see the film and and women who were sorta scared off because of the football subject matter realized that they love it that it's very easy to follow even for. You don't know much about football. And jennifer garner scrape in it by the way and i think i don't know where she falls bright belowa right above jennifer aniston in the hot but not threatening to other women way above or me. Personally i i. Maybe know i like her. What i'm saying is is there hot chicks. That women won't sign off on and then there hot chicks. That women are cool with women really do like her. Let's yes she's a hot chick but she's okay. She's a wonderful person to work with great. Cast yeah good good. That's interesting. i think you're right about the twitter thing are scared of the of the films. That aren't hundred percent comedy drama or whatever their nuanced. But it's interesting to note. That ghostbusters was a really groundbreaking film at the time. Because it was a sci fi movie a big budget movie. A special effects was illegitimate comedy. All the way and it was a total meter was the first super the first but an early super successful cleaner and wasn't by the way that expensive we made the movie for thirty million dollars. It's more money than than it is today. But still now isn't it. Was he quivalent of doing a sixty or seventy five million dollar movie today which is expensive. But it's not like a two hundred and fifty dollar movie hold on. I don't wanna beg to differ but an eighty four. I think you have a chart. A gallon. Going to the seth rogan thing all over again. Call the manage in his sixties. Had a gallon of gas was like a buck in eighty. Four i think it's more than double but it's still not expensive by today's standards or wasn't considered even then huge budget huge budget film. The most wonderful thing about ghostbusters was how we got to make it and this is really different than the way things work. Today i walked into the studio heads office. There were two people in the room other than myself. And so they said what he got. And i i sorta pitched a four line version of ghostbusters and And i just. There was no script by the way i had just met with dan. Ackroyd and sort of worked out how we were gonna develop the script. And i i. I gave him that pitch. The whole thing took about five minutes. They said how much and i had no idea because there was no script would cost. But i just finished making stripes for them which was very successful. Eight cost ten million dollars. So i figured i'm want to plight by three. That's how i got. I just took a number. And i said thirty million and they said okay i said what do you mean okay. Yeah let's make it. And you got to deliver by june tenth or ninth of nineteen eighty-four and this was i think it was april or may of eighty three and we had no script now we had no effects company to do the special effects and there were no digital effects of course but we still needed a visual effects company in fact started it except rial which was the only one fancy wanted existences. I was already booked to do spielberg's temple of doom name on a week before us and so here we were. We had the right script. Get it cast. Although we had bill it was a one time. Bill had already said yes. Uh-huh in the five movies that i've made with them. You mean before the script. That's where i'm not only before the anytime like meatballs. He showed up the day before. And i knew i had him two days before heard. Those stories is he eccentric or are very careful very careful or what. What is this thing. Well i just celebrated bill murray day with him in toronto. And we're basically the toronto film festival you know pulled out. All the stops they showed. They showed stripes and groundhog. Day and ghostbusters. And then we did a q. and a. it's actually the first q. And a. it ever done with bill was going to be like and it turns out wonderfully is he. I've i've never met him..

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