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My manufacturing job back and she didn't. And I'm all in, but at the end of the day, aside from yeah. I don't wanna pay taxes. It's race. It's race. This is about this is about the Republican party or a wing of it. Going. This is our last chance to save the party. And if we don't it's the end of the Republican party and the only way they can do that was to tap the race button and say, go ahead. It's okay, and he did. And they did. And that was the only car they had left to play, and they played it and they are going to go quietly. It's all about race -burse. It's all about race. You me all about race to quote a wonderful movie that Jeff Daniels was in not Gettysburg. That he was wait till show Chamberlain describes describes that set on MSNBC dumb and dumber. Indeed. With Jim Carrey who is insane now. So, so they're both insane. That's great. They're both crazy MSNBC's. There's a bunch of crazy people on that morning show who are still shocked probably the report didn't give thought it would still shocked, the president one, they all thought he wouldn't the all think that, you know, Joe Emeco going to be a guest president and vice president vice president. Did you say the so that's the world? They're living in. And that's what they're four hundred thousand viewers have to watch every morning, every time you hear stuff like that. It's gonna make you. I try and kind of distance myself from it, and not say this publicly, but it's gonna make you feel really confident about twenty twenty numbers. Yes, I fully confident you never know in American politics, prove that at twenty sixty you never know what happens that election is going to swing one way or another by tens of thousands of votes. Keeping twenty twelve only by two hundred forty two hundred and fifty thousand votes, it's American lecture are always called. So it's going to be close. But the president has a beautiful paternity to make the case. The Konami unemployment the lows that's ever been for most sectors of the population lows fifty years overall, we have the highest confidence in the jobs market. We've had since two thousand in this country that just came out. In the last twenty four hours. So there's so much opportunity. Isis is defeated taxes are regulated as in place. The president has a full slate of options on which to focus on. He is doing that. And the Democrats are what going to be screaming dumb and dumber over there. Jeff Daniels doing, oh race this race that well let me ask you the special about rates Jeff Daniels. Why have the Democrats not done anything for African Americans in this country in the last decade over decade of a decade that has improved that kind of plight of African Americans in this country? But why is this president brought African American unemployment to storage slow? So if you want to talk about race talk to be about that. Don't talk about pandering. Hilarie love it. Love it. Jeff daniels. We invite you to come on the show. Any time the numbers eight three three three three Gorkha eight three three three three four six and five to the cobalt is full, Jeff. So you're going to have to wait a little bit because I have to talk to the patriots are out there. And have been waiting a long time.

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