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Downtown eleven thirty one with a 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing to the reports a couple of hours ago shots fired at the campus of highland collagen des moines's it led to a cop campus lockdown now police say there were no shots and no shooter goals cohen hague joins me live with the update tom there's no question this week school shooting in florida was on student mind to around nine this morning when some arriving here on campus heard noises that could have been gunshots freshman student kanani kramer's heard the noises and then paul friend running toward her away from school building piece i can't think any as a gun he'll go home to go home and so then i just on of my car parcel running and then i just pulled over this arco arm hysterical because i'm legba calling in and on on i immediately to start thinking about what just happened on florida with those event so fresh could the power of suggestion in play here kyle ohare she with the puget sound regional pirates already says a lockdown followed by a search turned up no victims and no evidence shots were fired at this time there's been no indication that there is an active shooter but we are taking all precautions necessary just in case that he is uh what is happening here indeed a massive police response follow those gunshot reports now with everybody safe and apparently no shooting to investigate police urine des moines's or about to rap things up reporting live corwin haeck komo news a 14yearold student at the north mason school district said something to a staff member yesterday there was concerning enough for them to call police the hawkins middle school student was taken into custody and questioned after making a and implied threat the kids have said reports the boy was talking with a staff member of the topic came out of the shooting and parkland florida other bore reportedly said i've thought about this in the past taking no chances the sheriff's department was call the question the boy determine there was no criminal intent but they alerted parents by email and through social media authorities are arranging mental health support for that student students parents sample he's talking about the role social media plays when a gunman is on campus with so many kids on facebook instagram snapchat and other platforms could they be unknowingly putting themselves in harm's way during a school shooting there's a balanced those.

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