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Ever made As both Greg. And his wife, Diana. we're devastated and heartbroken by this news the suspect is being identified as a ola aja luek went missing june seventeenth after lift driver dropped her off at a park in north salt lake in the middle of the night police believe that a tie killed luek and then burned her body neighbors called police after seeing a burning something in his backyard buyer works are illegal in denver you pay a fee of up to nine hundred ninety nine dollars or you could get a year in jail for either possessing them or setting them off why the ban city says they cause injuries and fires and the denver fire academy it's fire in the hole and the hole is carved into a watermelon blown the bits you can see the video on our facebook page this is to make the point that fireworks can be extremely powerful and dangerous and that they're illegal in denver theft alighted for you have to ignite it it's a legal even innocent sparklers aren't so innocent they burn at twelve hundred degrees keep in mind that water boils at just two hundred jerry bell k._o._a. newsradio that wildfire off of i seventy at lawson twenty percent contain the fire started yesterday burned by ten acres north of i seventy near dumont the clear creek county sheriff says the fire was accidentally caused by someone they hope to get it fully contained by the seasoning something positive is coming out of late woods baseball when major league baseball umpire chris guccione saw the viral video of the brawl he noticed what other student at thirteen year old on pyre trying to keep control of that chaotic situation that is why he invited josh cordova to be his guest during sunday's rockies game down or locker room and take them on the field and just just make sure that they have an enjoyable day at the ballpark on sunday u._t. oni says cordova's should be commended for his service to the community the u._s. women's national soccer team is through to the final four th world cup team u._s._a. be host france two to one they will face england coming up in the semi finals rockies dodgers facing off tonight.

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