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We Love Wednesdays and we have wonderful people in our studio. If you will today, there's Miss Marianne she's our creator of the natural curiosity brand, our shows on facebook and Youtube, and a whole lot of other stuff that Mary does to help others have their own successful podcasts and video shows like this one. So check out match your curiosity dot life hi Marianne. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening whatever time you're watching because you know we do replace. Do and then our wonderful. Yes I had met Charlotte. During some other work I have been doing, and she is one of the most fantastic aromatherapy people that I've ever met I very impressed with her say hello to. Strap Co.. Hiding by the thank you so much for having Louise. Mary-anne I'm just so excited today to be here and be part of the show over we're excited too because we were chitchatting before the show started in Oh my Gosh Charlotte has such deep knowledge of aromatherapy and how they can help you have a healthier better lives. So I'm going to let Marion start off with the first question. How's that? Well I'm glad that you would do that for me because of course you know I have it now. I'M GONNA put the the. Thumbnail backup. So you can see the name of our show today, which is reset for success, stress sleep and emotional balance Yep. There's three things here stress their sleep an emotional balance. The first one I want to ask you about is sleep. Now I'm have the wonderful opportunity to close my eyes and I'm sleeping and so most people envy me and I could be absolute trillionaire could just figure out how we that. And share it with those people that I know that have trouble sleeping and a lot of them have trouble going to sleep. Some of them have trouble waking up in the middle of the night some of them have both they just can't sleep and they need special devices they need a tation, they need a glasses, they need quiet they need blackout state I mean, they didn't try to everything see packs you know whatever they're called and I think to myself if I could just have you what I have it would be awesome so far I know that's one of the questions I have for you is how do you help people with their sleep? So, sleep is a really big issue for people and especially when you're stressed, it really affects your sleep because when a stress during the day at ninety actually don't have the Melatonin level that you need to go into restful sleep. So you just mentioned people having trouble falling asleep waking up at night I even have people that come to me and they. Say I sleep through the night. But when I wake up in the morning I don't feel rested. I still tired an still dragging getting up. So then not getting the restful sleep that they actually need. So there are a few different essential oils that can help us when it comes to supporting sleep, but it's really truly a whole routine that I teach them. How to create a more restful sleep. So the routinely stats with you're going to battle even before you're going to that, if you can do something relaxing for yourself whether it's taking a foot, soak a lot of people have on their feet a lot during the day in they're running around a lot a foot show or bath, and you could add Roman camomile or lavender just to get some relaxing soothing sense going. Enjoying. So even if it just putting feet in a little tub with water or you're having a bathtub. Put the essential oils into some Himalayan salt. You meet a blend before we put it into the Wadi you need to blended into something that will dissolve in the water supply the drops of essential oil into some Himalayan salt, and let's say you're running a bathtub, put that salt in where the water is running streaming into the tab. So that's what you at the salt and that's how you will actually get aromatherapy bath or you know the same thing when you're doing for so and you're running the water into your little foot tap. I moved to Houston Lady Liu let me stay with her for a little while because she said, you know just until you get used to Houston and you get used to your new job and everything why don't you stay with me? So she had the most glorious Tub. Up to hear A, you didn't even on. All it was so wonderful I missed that. I. Can. But you're right. The foot bath would be the next best thing right? Exactly. So it's really the next best thing and so just trying to something relaxing before you even go to bed and then when you are laying in bed so the first five minutes just try and do some diagnostic breathing. Like Breathing basically into Bali. Counting to four reading your belly volume there on your back in having your legs at an angle to take some pressure off your lower back just breathe into your belly and hold your ballot ballot-counting to four, and then breathe out Canada four and the breathing out within time if you can extent to. That's even better. So you breathing in, you're holding your belly, you're breathing out and just do that for maybe the first five minutes laying in bed, and that's just really helps to take some stress off entire body just like releasing some of the stress from the day in you can support that with putting some essential oils. Lavender is a really good essential oil. Spike it's Mike night is from the Valerian family. So that is a really good essential oil and Spike. Yes spike not as in the Bulgarian family and its native to Nepal at also grows in China and India. And it's just really beautiful calming soothing essential oil and a lot of people don't like the Senate very much. But if we're having trouble with the asleep, it's a really great oil to put under the soles of the feet before you go to bed or lavender and Roma Kimmel Miller safe. Just put a little bit on your fingertips and Rabbit Nick. Robert here on your tracks up your neck because that's really really helps to just. Let go some of that stress w especially often keeping here you know in the back of our head in the back of our neck and our chops just apply it. There was some friction coconut oil or another carrier oil know whichever all you half at home or massage oil and just put that they're put some under the soles of your feet and do your breathing before you even trying to fall asleep. So that's a really good pride once you imbed if you're having trouble sleeping through the nights having a diffuser that runs minimum eight hours so it goes all night long you're breathing and. The essential volume. That's a really, really great idea. Again, lavender is one of the favorites with people adding vetiver to the lavender vetiver comes from the bever grass. It actually comes from their roots helps combat mind chatter. Something's got that mindset laying in bed and he'll range. Off Certain off thinking, thinking, thinking about things. So vetiver is really really amazing to calm the nine chatter. At some of diffuser Roman, camomile, beautiful spike narrowed as I mentioned earlier, another really good oil facilities, petty grain and a lot of people haven't heard about that oil either it's actually steam distilled from the leaves and twigs of the Bitter Orange Tree. and has really good soothing sleeping effects for some people. Wow. I've heard that we have to be very careful with the diffuser if we have small animals in the house, isn't that true? So that depends it's really cats and birds. I would be careful with I'm sorry I'm losing my little ear. Cats on birds would careful birth on. So if cat sleeps in your bedroom do not diffused citrus oils because cats lack an enzyme in their liver and they can metabolize citrus oil effectively. So the oils would then build up in their body because it can metabolize a man shot them out, but it's only related to citrus oils and oil so that higher in females. So those are the only two. But if you diffusing lavender lavender's beautiful Frankencense, it's awful aroma camel's beautiful. It would not hurt attack and. If you using a good quality oil because I think sometimes what seemed to as people by like oils Walmart and their virtue quality oils, and then you have some of the chemicals and adulterines and maybe fungus and mold spores and other things in because the one who do and a really good clean way, and that can actually harm animals because it's disbursed into the air and everything in. So make reason using a really really high quality well-tested essential oil if you're for yourself and when you have our animals in the house yeah. Well, you you don't have to buy sixteen different ones because they're expensive and they're the quality that you want. So I to me it was. Expensive at let let's say for instance, I buy lavender oil. Okay. That.

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